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  • Ronix BrainFrame Wakeboard Binding Technology

    From the company that brought the industry it's first baseless wakeboard bindings, comes their latest piece of aquatic innovation. The Ronix BrainFrame bindings took over 3 years, 100 prototypes, and 1100 hours of on the water testing before they released them for the 2015 season.

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  • MasterCraft NXT20 Funny Video

    Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed below are random and come from a thirst for fun and adventure that no office can provide on a Friday afternoon.

    This shoot looked like a blast. Must be nice to hang out at Lake Ronix for an afternoon of fun. Who would be the best company to work for while producing this NXT20 edit? I think Tom Czarnowski at Nemo Designs has a pretty good gig but you can't beat the sheer number of days, MasterCraft's, Josh Shave has on the water. We might have to give it to Tom since he lives in beautiful, Portland Oregon. I am not downplaying how rad the state of Tennessee is, but it's still not Oregon.

    This marketing piece for the new NTX20 does showcase the talents of Mr. Travis Pastrana and Mr. Parks Bonifay. I guess if I had Jeff Tremaine giving me direction I would be on my A game as well.

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  • 10 Wakeboarders You Should Be Following On Instagram

    10 Wakeboarders You Should Be Following On Instagram

    Not long ago, before Al Gore invented the internet, we got most of our information about pro wakeboarders from print magazines. The gatekeepers have since been removed and we have almost unlimited access into the lives of our favorite athletes. The digital age is a beautiful thing and we are going to celebrate it with you by sharing a few of our favorite wakeboarders on Instagram.

    Did we forget anyone? Let us know in the comments section.

    Shane Bonifay:  The Bonifay clan has taken a liking to the social media world. Shane's got a nice mix of throwback pics and quite possibly the best cable park wipeout of 2013 (scroll back to September for that one).












    Follow Shane here. @withshanebonifay


    Scott Byerly: The "Hook" is a social media maven! Byerly has the most active Instagram of any pro wakeboarder/wakeskater out there.












    Follow Scott here. @byerly


    Harley Clifford: When Harley's not busy winning contests and traveling the globe you can find him on the inter webs.













    Follow Harley here. @harleyclifford


    Parks Bonifay: Riding by icebergs in Patagonia and bare footing with The Banana Man. It's all in a days work for Parks Bonifay.












    Follow Parks here. @parxxx 


    Melissa Marquardt: If you like crystal blue water, dolphins, and ridiculously good wakeboarding shots you might want to take a gander at Melissa Marquardt's Instagram. It has all those things and more.












    Follow Melissa here. @melissa_marquardt


    Trever Maur: Delta Force rider Trever Maur has a ton of style behind the boat and an eye for photos on his iPhone. #deltaforce












    Follow Trever here. @trevermaur


    Raimi Merritt: There's plenty of sunset pics and Nautique glamour shots in Raimi's Instagram feed. This Florida native sure knows how to make Orlando look attractive.












    Follow Raimi here. @raimimerritt


    Mike Ennen: Mike is a man with many talents; his Instagram is proof of this. Fishing, Art, Wakeboarding, and Snowboarding are all common place. Thanks for showing the Northwest some love, Mike!












    Follow Mike here. @mikeennen


    Jeff McKee:  When Jeff McKee isn't busy making Home Depot trips and taking care of twins he finds time to Instagram with the best of 'em.












    Follow Jeff here. @jeffmckee


    Steel Lafferty: Last but not least, Steel Lafferty. Be prepared to witness awe-inspiring Mastercraft pictures and a not so awe inspiring golf swing. Just kidding Steel.













    Follow Steel here. @steellafferty

  • Ronix Introduces Camber Rocker Technology

    It's not everyday that we see a wakeboard company come to the table with a re-designed riding surface. We have seen terminology change but Ronix's camber is a totally different experience than riding a traditional rocker profile. They wouldn't have known unless someone went out and tried it.

    Check out the new line of Camber boards that Parks Bonifay, Erik Ruck, Marc Rossiter, and Shota Tezuka will be riding for the 2014 wakeboard season.

    Check out all of the 2014 Ronix Wakeboards with camber rocker technology.

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    2014 Ronix Wakeboards With Camber Rocker Technology:

    Ronix Parks Modello Wakeboard
    Ronix Parks Air Core Camber Wakeboard
    Ronix Bandwagon Air Core Wakeboard
    Ronix Bandwagon ATR Wakeboard

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