We Are Now Offering Wakeboard Propellers On WakeMAKERS.com

Posted by Spencer on Nov, 06 2013

Bend, OR – Nov. 1, 2013 – WakeMAKERS is excited to announce the combination of their two industry leading websites, WakePROPS.com and WakeMAKERS.com (www.wakemakers.com/props). The combined shopping experience will offer watersports enthusiasts convenient access to the largest selection of wakeboard … Continue reading

MasterCraft ILMOR Big Block Props

Posted by Spencer on Oct, 25 2012

Starting in 2010 MasterCraft Wakeboard Boats would be offered with the ILMOR 5.7-liter, ILMOR 6.0-liter, and ILMOR 6.2-liter motor option. By 2012 ILMOR has become the exclusive motor supplier for the company. When MasterCraft started to build the all new 2012 X-Star they knew more power would be needed and worked with ILMOR to develop a monster 7.4-liter motor. The 2013 Next Generation X-Star does not disappoint with a jaw dropping 522HP. ILMOR did not only help MasterCraft increase raw power but they have also allowed riders to add more ballast without having to worry about problems with the boat not being able to plane out.

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Free Shipping on All Props!

Posted by Spencer on Oct, 12 2012

From now on all prop orders from WakeProps.com will qualify for free shipping! Gone are the days of getting sucked in to a web sites “great prices” only to see the shipping costs eat up all the savings. Continue reading

WakeMAKERS.com Now Offers OJ Propellers!

Posted by Jason on Apr, 16 2011

As one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, we’re happy to announce the availability of OJ Propellers to our customers. Continue reading