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Malibu Wakesetter Ballast; A Malibu Launch System History

Posted by Spencer on Mar, 20 2013

Malibu has a reputation throughout the industry for crafting high quality, high performing boats with industry leading innovations, that offer as much value as they do fun. In the late 90’s Malibu engineers developed the Wedge which was a simple foil on the transom of the boat that when engaged would create down force in the stern for a rampy wake with more pop. To even further the sport of wakeboarding Malibu created the most comprehensive ballast system in the industry with the MLS or Malibu Launch System. Continue reading


Malibu Wakesetter Boats Increased Ballast Capactity with the HI FLO Plug and Play System

Posted by Spencer on Mar, 14 2013

When it comes to internal ballast, Malibu Boats, has had the industry on lock down. Since 2012 Malibu Wakesetter boats have come standard with the Hi Flo ballast system. This new iteration of the Malibu Launch System is not your typical slow to fill and slow to drain ballast system. Malibu has thrown out the 800gph pumps and replaced them with the industries fastest 1100gph aerator pumps. Lightning fast pumps coupled with larger 1-1/8″ hose provides the least restrictive flow into the ballast tanks and out the side of the boat. Continue reading