2002 MasterCraft X30 Ballast Upgrade For Wakesurfing

Posted by Spencer on Nov, 20 2013

We have had a lot of fun behind the early model MasterCraft X30 wakeboard boats. Since 2002 was the first year that MasterCraft added Jabsco Ballast pumps, it is important that you confirm that the system does not have the older aerator pumps. We have run into a fair amount of early model 2002’s with the older system which we do have a solution for as well. Continue reading


MasterCraft Brings Back The X30 For 2012

Posted by Spencer on Jan, 20 2012

MasterCraft Introduces New X-30 (January 18, 2012):
The token badge of any crowded marketplace is the overwhelming sea of sameness – a lot of things are alike but very little is uniquely valuable. And while “alike” is not bad, being distinctly better is…well…best. With phones, Apple is the Kingpin. With liquid, it’s Red Bull. And with luxury performance towboats, it’s MasterCraft. And now with its recent introduction of the new 23-foot X-30, MasterCraft Boat Company has once again risen above the noisy fray to put its unrivaled stamp on the industry.

One of the first features to capture the eye is the innovative, sleek design. Modeled after the critically acclaimed 2013 X-Star, the new MasterCraft X-30 offers a progressive flare why staying in touch with its time-honored heritage. At 23″4′ in length and 102″ in width, the new X-30 boasts a traditional bow, which is a design departure for the King of the Twin Tip. Nonetheless, the large bow has plenty of room for you and a few of your closest confidants, even if they are 6′ 3″. And underneath this social gathering is once again industry-leading storage, with the deep passenger gullwing storage continuing back through the length of the boat. Not only does the X-30 bow have you aptly covered with seating and storage, there is also a clever flip down door in the front that when opened exposes a stow away area for your anchor and rope.

Moving to the back of the highly refined X-30, you are immediately greeted by luxurious yet functional wraparound seating. At the top of the list is the smartly designed convertible rear seat. In its normal position, it looks like any other wraparound seating configuration – however, with one simple move anyone can flip this rear perch to create a seat that can comfortably watch all the action at the end of the rope. There is also plenty of cargo space, with a massive coffin storage area on the port side and of course, the MasterCraft cooler and a trash receptacle intelligently hidden under the seat behind the driver. Continue reading

Mastercraft TankBuster Factory Ballast Upgrade

Posted by Kyle on May, 15 2011

Ready to upgrade that wake on your Mastercraft wakeboard boat? Then the Mastercraft TankBuster Ballast Upgrade is what you’ve been looking for. Continue reading