Mastercraft TankBuster Factory Ballast Upgrade

Posted by Kyle on May, 15 2011

Ready to upgrade that wake on your Mastercraft wakeboard boat? Then the Mastercraft TankBuster Ballast Upgrade is what you’ve been looking for. Continue reading

MasterCraft Plug N’ Play Factory Ballast System Upgrade

Posted by Spencer on Oct, 07 2010

For 2010 MasterCraft has engineered a secondary Plug N’ Play ballast upgrade that works in conjunction with the existing factory ballast system. The depth of engineering involved in developing the Plug N’ Play Ballast system took a number of years to perfect. Continue reading

Mastercraft X-Star Gets Wedged?

Posted by Jason on May, 19 2009

Mastercraft X-Star With a Wedge
We came across this picture on and figured it was worth sharing with our customers as some evidence of what some people will do to get a better wake out of their boat.

Clearly not everyone is interested or willing to go to that much trouble, which is why we offer the best wakeboard ballast products and solutions available. So if you don’t want to design and engineer a replacement Wedge for your boat, may we suggest some new ballast instead?

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