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  • 2014 MasterCraft Gen 2 Wakesurf System Released


    It's no secret that MasterCraft has been working very hard to develop a functional surf system. It appears that 2014 is the year that MC has caught up with the rest of the industry. Last week at the national sales meeting they introduced and demoed the Gen 2 wakesurf wave enhancing system. The new system uses asymmetrical tabs that are dependent to the running surface of the boat that they are attached. From the video below it looks like it works.

    We do want to note that the wave transfer on the X-10 does seem to be fluid enough for a transfer. There might be an issue when the customer steps up in size. The implementation of the product is not consistent with the other finished products on MasterCraft boats. This is not the fit and finish that would have been assumed for one of the most expensive product lines in the industry.

    For 2014 MasterCraft's plug and play ballast system is coming back. Although information is still being gathered we can report that it is still a very expensive option and the bags will need to be upgraded. We will have 2014 MasterCraft wakesurf ballast upgrade bags available in order to provide a higher level of performance when compared to what is offered by your local dealer.

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    Parks Bonifay Riding the MasterCraft Gen 2 Surf System:

    Zane Explains How the MasterCraft Gen 2 Surf System Works and What Ballast Options Are Available For 2014:

  • 2002 MasterCraft X30 Ballast Upgrade For Wakesurfing

    2002 MasterCraft X30 Ballast Upgrade For Wakesurfing


    We have had a lot of fun behind the early model MasterCraft X30 wakeboard boats. Since 2002 was the first year that MasterCraft added Jabsco Ballast pumps, it is important that you confirm that the system does not have the older aerator pumps. We have run into a fair amount of early model 2002's with the older system which we do have a solution for as well.

    If your boat has the Jabsco ballast pump system you will want to remove the above the floor hard tanks in the rear compartments. Replace them with either the 750 lb. Fly High Fat Sacs or the 1100 lb. Fly High Jumbo Surf sacs. If you opt for the larger bags you will not get close to that capacity. You should be able to optimize the space with the Fat Sacs just like in the picture above. We have a ballast upgrade kit specifically for the 2002 MasterCraft boats that comes with all hoses and fittings needed to make the switch. The process will only take you about 15 minutes.

    If you upgrade the rear lockers you will want to get some more weight up front as well to counter balance the load. We suggest adding the Fly High Integrated bow sac under the front seats. We can tie it into your factory KGB center ballast system. That should give you a realistic 400 to 450 lbs. up there.

    Let me explain what is going to happen when you make these simple changes. For one your wake will be bigger because you are displacing the hull deeper in the water. That is good but isn't everything. We want to build a great shape as well. When surfing you will fill the surf side and also add weight to the bow. This will give you a great wave with a ton of length. If you want the wave to be taller let a little water out of the bow. Your speed will probably go up to between 11 and 11.5 depending on how full the boat is. When wakeboarding you will want to fill the bow and KGB to 100%. The rear port bag should be filled to between 50% and 75% full and the starboard rear bag should be at around 50% capacity. This will give you a great distribution of weight and should create a very equal clean wake at between 65 and 75 feet back depending on how fast the rider likes to go.

  • MasterCraft Announces New VP of Sales and Marketing

    Vonore, TN – MasterCraft Boat Company announces it has appointed Jay Povlin as its new Vice President of Sales and Marketing for North America. Jay brings to MasterCraft a diverse and extensive business background ranging from the retail industry to creating strategic direction for business unit financial performance, manufacturing operations, product development initiatives and sales and marketing efforts. Jay has served in a number of executive leadership positions, most recently with the Brunswick Corporation, but has also tapped his entrepreneurial spirit, starting and currently operating a portfolio of successful businesses.

    “Jay brings a wealth of leadership experience to this role,” said Terry McNew, president and CEO of MasterCraft. “And having this seasoned leadership is absolutely key when considering the aggressive product introduction strategy MasterCraft has established for the next 3 to 5 years. With Jay’s comprehensive credentials and strong analytic abilities, we are confident we will convert our dynamic product strategy to real, meaningful value for both MasterCraft owners and its stakeholders.”

    MasterCraft, whose product strategy will deliver 2 to 3 new or refreshed boats per year, has already introduced the XStar, X10 and X46 in the last 14 months. And with plans to unveil its new ski boat in a few weeks followed by what can only be described as a jaw-dropping product announcement in the spring of 2014, Mr. Povlin is enthusiastic to be at MasterCraft. He comments, “I have admired the MasterCraft brand, its legacy and its leadership for some time and I sincerely look forward to working with this great company and its team, especially in the areas of effective product launches, precise brand communications and improved dealer collaboration. It is simply an honor to be here during what will unquestionably be one of most exciting, rewarding times in MasterCraft’s rich history.”

    Jay Povlin is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in International Relations. His commitment to lifelong learning includes further studies at Northwestern and the University of Chicago in the areas of marketing, finance and leadership.

  • Weighting a 2013 MasterCraft X-10 for Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding

    2013 MasterCraft X-10 WakeSurf Ballast Upgrade

    MasterCraft's Josh Palma, does a phenomenal job explaining how to weight the new 2013 MC X-10 for both wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Obtaining the perfect wake for your riding style is our goal at Wakemakers. The new X10 is available from the factory with both a plug n play ballast upgrade and surf tabs to get the best wake possible. Just remember you still need to buy your bags from WakeMakers as they do not come with the boat.

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  • MasterCraft ILMOR Big Block Props

    MasterCraft WakeMakers Prop FinderStarting in 2010 MasterCraft Wakeboard Boats would be offered with the ILMOR 5.7-liter, ILMOR 6.0-liter, and ILMOR 6.2-liter motor option. By 2012 ILMOR has become the exclusive motor supplier for the company. When MasterCraft started to build the all new 2012 X-Star they knew more power would be needed and worked with ILMOR to develop a monster 7.4-liter motor. The 2013 Next Generation X-Star does not disappoint with a jaw dropping 522HP. ILMOR did not only help MasterCraft increase raw power but they have also allowed riders to add more ballast without having to worry about problems with the boat not being able to plane out.

    Most MasterCraft X Series boats come from the factory equipped with the OJ 522 14.75x15.5 prop. From wakeboarding, wakesurfing, or just cruising across the lake this prop will do everything equally well. When our customers are running more than 2000 lbs. of ballast or are riding above 3000 feet in elevation we would want to consider lowering the pitch. By decreasing the pitch there will be a more efficient power transfer to the water. Recently a lot of customers have been inquiring about upgrading to an OJ 5 blade prop. We offer two options for the spline shaft on MasterCraft Boats. For X Series boats with the small block motors the OJ 5 Blade 1936-2 is the way to go. If you have a newer MasterCraft with an ILMOR big block motor the OJ 5 Blade 1936-4 is the kittens' mittens delivering unparalleled performance.

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    Check out the video below of the ILMOR factory tour with Insane Zane:

  • MasterCraft Brings Back The X30 For 2012

    MasterCraft Introduces New X-30 (January 18, 2012):
    The token badge of any crowded marketplace is the overwhelming sea of sameness - a lot of things are alike but very little is uniquely valuable. And while "alike" is not bad, being distinctly better With phones, Apple is the Kingpin. With liquid, it's Red Bull. And with luxury performance towboats, it's MasterCraft. And now with its recent introduction of the new 23-foot X-30, MasterCraft Boat Company has once again risen above the noisy fray to put its unrivaled stamp on the industry.

    One of the first features to capture the eye is the innovative, sleek design. Modeled after the critically acclaimed 2013 X-Star, the new MasterCraft X-30 offers a progressive flare why staying in touch with its time-honored heritage. At 23"4' in length and 102" in width, the new X-30 boasts a traditional bow, which is a design departure for the King of the Twin Tip. Nonetheless, the large bow has plenty of room for you and a few of your closest confidants, even if they are 6' 3". And underneath this social gathering is once again industry-leading storage, with the deep passenger gullwing storage continuing back through the length of the boat. Not only does the X-30 bow have you aptly covered with seating and storage, there is also a clever flip down door in the front that when opened exposes a stow away area for your anchor and rope.

    Moving to the back of the highly refined X-30, you are immediately greeted by luxurious yet functional wraparound seating. At the top of the list is the smartly designed convertible rear seat. In its normal position, it looks like any other wraparound seating configuration - however, with one simple move anyone can flip this rear perch to create a seat that can comfortably watch all the action at the end of the rope. There is also plenty of cargo space, with a massive coffin storage area on the port side and of course, the MasterCraft cooler and a trash receptacle intelligently hidden under the seat behind the driver.

    In addition, there are other important creature comforts designed to bring a little bit of your land life to the water. The X-30 comes standard with an exclusive JL Audio sound system, with digital amp and four high-end speakers. Add the optional the sub and sub-amp to make any on-water get together into a spectacle. Whether you prefer satellite radio, CDs or an iPod, the X-30 has you and the taste of any guest covered. In addition, the X-30 offers popular and convenient options like a cockpit table, billet aluminum walk-thru door, heater system and heated seats. Add in the stellar touch screen display and the driver will have as much convenience and comfort as anyone else.

    As you and your passengers head to the very rear of the X-30, you will not help but notice that MasterCraft has left no stone unturned and not underestimated the value of attention to detail. First we welcome anyone to the transom of the boat by placing a non-skid walk thru on the sunpad. Second, we placed a convenient and safety conscious step down to the platform which also serves as a perch while you put on any water sports gear. And finally, MasterCraft offers the "waterfall" like swim platform that allows any boarder to simply slide into the water.

    But as with any MasterCraft, the X-30 is as much about what happens behind the boat as what happens in it. And the X-30 will not disappoint. Thanks to an all-new hull designed for premium performance and wake shape, the X-30 is not only one of the best performance boats on the water but it puts fantastic wakes for any watersport enthusiast. Engage the optional attitude adjustment plate, and the X-30 can be worthy ski partner. Load up the nearly 1000 pounds of standard ballast and this boat will change the way you wakeboard. And maybe the most impressive is the sheer ability of the X-30 to produce one of the industry's best wakesurf wakes with very little effort. Load the boat up with even a minimal 400 lbs, deploy the optional surf tabs and behold a surf wake that can only be topped by something you would see at Bells Beach.

    So with the introduction of the X-30, MasterCraft invites you to let the best begin with the X-30. Best action. Best relaxation. Best social time. Best boat. And of course, the best summer of your life.

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  • Brand Hubs: A Wakeboard Ballast Directory For Every Manufacturer

    You know what kind of wakeboard boat you have, we don't, but you might not know exactly what you need to create the ultimate wake for your boat. Which is where we come in, here at WAKEmakers we've got the knowledge and answers you need to help you build that perfect ballast system for your wakeboard boat. But we also realize that you might not always have the time to spend with us on the phone to figure out what you need. So we went ahead and created our brand hub pages where  all you need to do is know what kind of boat you have and we take care of the rest. Your boats brand hub page is packed with content and products specific to the make of your boat. News, recent blog posts, and products designed for the make of your boat and only your boat. So instead of worrying if the product or ballast system you're looking at will be compatible with that Malibu wakeboard boat of yours, just make your starting point our Malibu Boats hub page and rest assured that every product you're looking at will work with your boat.

    The brand hub pages are designed to save you time and effort when looking for information or products for your wakeboard boat or ballast system. After years of servicing the wakeboarding and wakesurfing community, it's become clear to us that when customers search for what they need they usually do so by searching for their boat's make, model, and year of the boat. So in order for your searches to produce the most relevant information, our team came up with a solution the problem nobody even knew they had. We simply put all the information you need to make the correct decision right at your finger tips. Not sure of the recommended weight distribution in your Supra? Start here at our Supra hub page. Or maybe your looking for some additional ballast for that Malibu Wakesetter of yours, to give you the ultimate wakesurfing wake. You'll find factory integrated ballast systems on our Malibu Boats hub page. It's as simple as that, just start your search at the boat manufacturers hub of your choice and away you go!

    So whether your searching for info or products for your Malibu, Supra, Nautique, Moomba or Mastercraft wakeboard boat, remember to start that search with one of our WAKEmakers hub pages. You'll save yourself some time and effort and be sure that whatever you're looking at is directly related to your wakeboarding or wakesurfing boat.Whatever your looking for, when it comes to building perfect wakeboarding or wakesurfing wakes, nobody else in the Industry can get it done like we can.

    Nautique Hub:

    MasterCraft Hub:

    Moomba Hub:

    Supra Hub:

    Malibu Hub:

  • Mastercraft TankBuster Factory Ballast Upgrade

    What it is: Mastercraft Tankbuster Factory Rear Ballast Upgrade

    The WakeMAKERS Mastercraft TankBuster Wakeboard Ballast System is designed to integrate with your factory ballast system easily, be controlled using the switches on your dash, and not require any additional effort to fill and drain. It's a must have if your summer days on the lake are spent wakesurfing. Are you tired of throwing pumps over the side of your boat? Then the Mastercraft TankBuster factory ballast system upgrade is your solution. Replace the factory hard tanks with our Mastercraft wakeboard ballast system to create a massive wakesurfing or wakeboarding wake. Maximize the ballast capacity in each rear corner, while at the same time restoring full use of the lockers for storage when you don't need the biggest wake possible.

    For Use In:

    This TankBuster system is designed to work with any Mastercraft v-drive wakeboard boat that has hard ballast tanks that installed above the floor in the rear lockers and uses reversible Jabsco Ballast Puppy Pumps. That includes, but is not limited to, the following models:

    • '02 Mastercraft X-Star
    • '03-'05 Mastercraft X2
    • '06-current Mastercraft X1
    • '03-'05 Mastercraft X15
    • '03-'05 Mastercraft X30

    For specific questions on fitment, and for possible compatibility with other models, please contact us.

    Bag Size and Dimensions:

    • 400lbs - 42" x 16" x 16"
    • 455lbs - 32" x 18" x 20"
    • 565lbs - 42" x 19" x 19"
    • 750lbs - 50" x 20" x 20"
    • 1,100 - 50" x 24" x 24"

    Where it goes:

    The Mastercraft TankBuster Ballast System Upgrade takes the place of the existing factory hard tank installed in each rear locker of certain Mastercraft wakeboard boats. Once installed, the new ballast sac is controlled completely from the driver's seat, and uses the factory pumps and plumbing. Everything functions exactly the same as it did from the factory, but you've added a significant amount of ballast capacity. Additionally, when the bags are empty, the entire rear locker is available, dramatically increasing the amount of storage space for gear and equipment. This kit includes everything needed for the installation, including a new ballast bag and the necessary Fly High quick connect fittings.

    Mastercraft TankBuster Factory Wakeboard Ballast Upgrade
    Starting at $29.95
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  • Fly High Pro X Series Mastercraft X-Star Additional Ballast System

    2011 Mastercraft X-Star

    What it is: Fly High Pro X Series Mastercraft X-Star Additional Ballast System

    The Fly High Mastercraft X-Star Additional Ballast System pushes the wakeboard performance of this world class wakeboard boat over the top with an additional 1,900 lbs. of ballast. That means you have a total of 2,800 pounds of ballast available, all fully integrated into the factory system, and controllable from the dash with the flip of a switch. Constructed from a single layer of the same durable yet flexible material used to build white water rafts, the Fly High Pro X Series ballast bags offer unmatched strength and durability. Additionally, Fly High Pro X Series ballast bags feature multiple waterproof threaded fittings built into the bags construction. This is a complete ballast system and includes all of the parts, pieces and connectors required to install in Mastercraft's X-Star.

    For Use In:

    Where It Goes:

    The Fly High Mastercraft X-Star Additional Ballast System makes use of the factory ballast system pumps and switches, but adds one additional ballast bag in the each rear locker, and one additional ballast bag underneath the seats in the bow. The additional ballast bags are tied into the factory pump system using the included manifold system, which allows both the factory tank, and the new ballast bag to be filled using the stock switch on the dash.

    For specific questions on fitment, and for possible compatibility with other models, click here.

    Ballast System Specifications:

    Size: (2) 40 x 22 x 22 - (2) 40 x 22 x 6
    Capacity: (2) 700lbs. - (2) 650lbs.
    Connections: Fully Custom
    Model #: 558031
    Available Colors: Grey

    Fly High Additional X-Star Ballast System
    Starting at $1250.00
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  • Mastercraft PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade

    What it is: Mastercraft PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast System Upgrade

    The Mastercraft PiggyBack Rear Ballast System is designed to make use of the existing pumps, hoses and switches in your Mastercraft boat, to expand the capacity of your factory rear ballast tanks up to an incredible 1,000lbs. This kit includes everything needed for the installation, including a replacement Fly High Pro X Series ballast bag (choose your capacity), Fly High quick connect fittings, all necessary fittings and adapters, hose and installation guide.

    For Use In:

    The PiggyBack 750 Ballast System is designed to make use of the existing pumps, hoses and switches in your Mastercraft, to expand the capacity of your factory rear ballast tanks from 250lbs. to an incredible 1,100lbs. As the name implies, this Ballast System Add-On is connected inline with the overflow of the factory ballast tank, allowing it to PiggyBack on the factory system.

    For specific questions on fitment, and for possible compatibility with other models, click here.

    Bag Size and Dimensions:


    • 400lbs - 42" x 16" x 16"
    • 455lbs - 32" x 18" x 20"
    • 565lbs - 42" x 19" x 19"
    • 750lbs - 50" x 20" x 20"
    • 1,100lbs - 50" x 24" x 24"

    Mastercraft TankBuster Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade
    Starting at $29.95
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