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  • Malibu Wakesetter Ballast: A Malibu Launch System History

    Malibu Wakesetter Ballast: A Malibu Launch System History

    Malibu has a reputation throughout the industry for crafting high quality, high performing boats with industry leading innovations. They offer as much value as they do fun. In the late 90's Malibu engineers developed the Wedge which was a simple foil on the transom of the boat that when engaged would create down force in the stern for a rampy wake with more pop. To even further the sport of wakeboarding Malibu created the most comprehensive ballast system in the industry with the MLS or Malibu Launch System that has become a staple of the Wakesetter Series boats.

    Malibu MLS Ballast 2001-2004

    Starting in 2001, Malibu boats could be optioned from the factory with 900 lbs. of ballast. The three tank system consists of a 500 lb. center ski locker sac and two above the floor 200lb. hard tanks in the rear compartments. Malibu's first ballast system used Rule Aerator pumps to fill and drain each tank independently. Each tank has three connections consisting of a fill on top, a vent on top and a drain on the bottom all plumbed with 3/4" black ballast hose. The drain pump was connected directly to the back end of the hard tank to ensure the system stayed primed.

    In 2004, the Malibu Wakesetter VLX and Wakesetter LSV models both had the option of a 350lb. bow tank to increase the total factory ballast to 1250 lbs. The increased ballast capacity when coupled with the popular Wedge displaced more of the hull creating a massive wake. In turn the Wakesetter series become a favorite among professional wakeboarders. Malibu also changed pump suppliers and started using the Shurflo Piranha 800 GPH Aerator Ballast Pump because of it's high quality construction and low profile design.

    Our recommended upgrade for both wakesurfing and wakeboarding would be to remove the rear hard tanks and replace them with a Straight Line Sumo 750's or Fly High Fat Sac 750's. We cannot PiggyBack this system because the hard tanks are above the floor and a piggy back requires gravity to drain the water from the bag back down into the hard tank. Using the WakeMakers Malibu Tank Buster Kit, all of the plumbing will be reconfigured to fill and drain the sacs from the helm just like the factory setup. Adding a 3/4" check valve to the fill line is not necessary but might alleviate the system from passive filling when the boat is stationary. If the boat was not equipped with the factory bow hard tank, the Fly High Integrated Bow Sac fits well under the front seats up front for a custom yet hidden solution. The integration of this bow sac will require the installation of a Complete Ballast System.

    Malibu MLS Ballast 2005 - 2011

    For 2005, the Wakesetter VLX was constructed on top of the V25 Wake hull delivering better wake size and performance. Malibu also refined the ballast system starting with relocating the rear ballast tanks under the floor creating massive amounts storage. This was also the first year that an in-dash Ballast Monitoring System was available to view real time ballast tank levels. Because the rear tanks were under the water line Malibu had to add Vented Loop Anti-Siphon Valves to the fill lines to prevented passive filling. The horse shoe shaped valves are located on the bulk head in front of the motor on either side and there is also a single valve for the center ballast tank located on the wall in the observers compartment. Malibu continued to use this MLS configuration through 2011.

    For owners looking to get the best possible wakesurf or wakeboard wake, additional ballast is still necessary. Our exclusive factory integration upgrade, Malibu PiggyBack Kit, option makes it possible to develop the best wakesurf wave or wakeboard wake while still controlling everything with the factory controls on the dash.

    Malibu HI FLO Ballast 2012+

    With the introduction of the MXZ in 2012, Malibu upgraded the ballast system and re-branded it the Hi Flo. All lines were increased from the 3/4" to a larger 1-1/8" and the pump capacity was increased by using the Shurflo Piranha 1100 GPH Aerator Ballast Pumps. This small change produced amazing results in decreasing both fill and drain times.

    Using the 2012 - 2013 Malibu PiggyBack Kit on this system works great as the larger openings in the factory hard tanks allow for increased flow when gravity allows the water to drain from the soft sac back into the hard tank before it is discharged by the factory pump. Please note that early production 2012 Wakesetter boats do still have the 3/4" plumbing.

    Malibu HI FLO Plug n Play Ballast 2013+

    In 2013, Malibu Wakesetters have the option of a PnP (Plug and Play) ballast system installed at the factory. This system uses the existing ballast pumps to fill and drain auxiliary ballast bags in the rear compartments. Malibu did make some changes to the ballast tanks by adding two new ports on the top which allows the ballast bag to drain more efficiently but the new system is still not perfect.

    The most significant innovation from Malibu to date has to be the Surf Gate system. By using vertically mounted plates on either side of the hull, their engineers have figured out how to divert the water on the opposite side of the wake in order to produce a clean long surf wave. The best part of the system is in the ability to change the clean side of the wave from port to starboard and starboard to port in a matter of seconds from the dash.

    Shop for Custom Malibu Ballast Bags and Fat Sacs»
    The first step in adding weight to your Malibu Wakesetter is selecting the perfect ballast bag, and we have the most options available.

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    Our Malibu Wakesetter Ballast Upgrades provide you with everything needed to easily integrate fat sacs into the MLS ballast tanks.

  • Malibu Wakesetter Boats Increased Ballast Capacity with the HI FLO Plug and Play System

    When it comes to internal ballast, Malibu Boats, has had the industry on lock down. Since 2012 Malibu Wakesetter boats have come standard with the Hi-Flo ballast system.

    This new iteration of the Malibu Launch System is not your typical slow to fill and slow to drain ballast system. Malibu has thrown out the 800GPH pumps and replaced them with the industry leading 1100GPH aerator pumps. Lightning fast pumps coupled with larger 1-1/8" hose providing the least restrictive flow into the ballast tanks means the new Hi-Flo system fills and drains as fast as possible.

    For 2013 Malibu boats are now available with a Plug and Play, or PnP, expanded ballast option. This new configuration allows auxiliary ballast bags to be plumbed in to the factory system without the need to purchase more hardware besides the bags and a few fittings. If you have a 2013 or newer Malibu and needs the necessary components to get your Hi-Flow Plug-and-Play ballast system up and running check out our 2013 Malibu Plug-n-Play Ballast Upgrade

    The entire ballast system can be controlled and monitored at the helm using the Maliview or Malibu Touch Command displays and rumor on the street is that newly integrated Bluetooth connectivity will be available to allow control right from your favorite mobile device.
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  • Anticipated 2013 Malibu 20 MXZ Wakesetter Unveiled

    If you could have the perfect small family boat what would it be? The Malibu 20 MXZ (Little Giant) is the one for me. I need ample ballast and the best interior layout. Smaller boats take less weight to displace more of the hull creating a bigger wake with less effort. This is especially nice when you are out with a handful of people on a regular basis or live on a restricted private body of water such as Lake Oswego in Oregon.

    Malibu has developed that boat for 2013. The new Malibu 20 MXZ is exactly what customers have been asking for. A boat that gives you similar space to the Malibu VLX but is shorter in length. MXZ 20 will still have the bells and whistles you are accustom to.

    This is the ultimate cross over when loaded with Plug n' Play Ballast and the all new SurfGate device. Take a slalom set in the morning, followed by a wakeboard pull then when you are getting tired jump on the surf board. What side? Doesn't matter as that can be changed in seconds. Nothing can stop this new boat in the Malibu line from taking over it's category.

    Malibu Wakesurf Ballast

    (Malibu Boats, TN) The all-new WAKESETTER 20 MXZ is for those who love to wakeboard and wakesurf and are looking for the numerous advantages of a 20-foot boat including responsiveness, easy garage storage and trailer-ability.

    Completing the trio of the MXZ series, the 20 MXZ is sure to find its place based on the popularity of the already-proven 22 and 24 MXZ. Riders on small lakes or rivers will definitely appreciate this small boat that delivers a big punch.

    With the largest bow/cockpit combination in the 20-foot water sport boat market, and luxurious amenities, every inch of the 20 MXZ is MaXimiZed for the ultimate day on the water. You’ll also find several features not found in other 20-foot boats including a comfortable rear lounge at the stern, highest capacity rating and tallest freeboard (waterline to main deck).

    This premium wake boat can be summed up in two words: LITTLE GIANT.

  • 2013 Malibu 24 MXZ Wakesetter Performance Video

    Malibu just dropped a video of their new 2013 24MXZ Wakesetter flagship boat. From the video the surf and wakeboard wakes look good but we can make them better with upgraded bags or a Plug and Play ballast system.

    Shop Malibu Factory Ballast Upgrades

  • 2013 Malibu Boats Line Up Sneak Peek

    Here is a sneak peak at the 2013 Malibu Boat line up. Looks like the VTX (20'), VLX (21'), LSV 23 (23'), and LSV 247 (24') are coming back unchanged. It looks like the Wakesetter 22 MXZ which was new for 2012 now has a big brother in the Wakesetter 24 MXZ. This will be Malibu's flagship.

    2013 models will have the Malibu Surf Gate option available which will allow owners to switch the surf side quickly and on the fly. This will open up what is possible behind the boat. This is not a substitute for ballast as there is no way to great a bigger wave without displacing the hull deeper in the water. With that said the new Surf Gate will lengthen the wave giving riders more push which allows for a better surfing experience.

    To obtain more displacement Malibu will offer a Plug 'n Play option. The ballast HI FLO Bow Malibu Launch System, and ballast HI FLO Rear PNP Plumbing are both controlled using the Ballast Monitoring System (BMS). This system will work just like the famous Wakemakers Malibu Piggy Back system which fills into the top of the bag and then uses gravity to push water down into the hard tank. We will have a 2013 Malibu Factory Ballast Upgrade available by the beginning of the season to improve filling and draining times on large. There will also be new Malibu Plug and Play Bags available to create bigger waves for both wakesurfing and wakeboarding.

    Shop for Malibu Factory Ballast Upgrades

  • 2011 Malibu LSV 23 Wakesurfing Configuration

    Malibu Boat's own Cindy Gibbs runs you through how to properly dial in your Malibu LSV 23 for wakesurfing. The wake has a great shape but with an additional 750 lb. Fat Sac or 1100 lb. Jumbo Sac in the rear locker it will look more like something you would find on the north shore.

    Interested in adding more ballast to your Malibu LSV 23 boat for surfing, but don't want to mess with throwing a pump over the side of the boat? Take a look at the Malibu LSV 23 PiggyBack Factory Ballast System Upgrade. Add an additional 750lbs. to 1,100lbs. to the factory MLS in your Malibu boat with our exclusive PiggyBack Factory Ballast System Upgrade. WakeMAKERS PiggyBack Packages are designed to integrate with your factory ballast system, and are controlled using the switches on your dash, so everything remains completely automated and effortless to use.

    [button url="http://www.wakemakers.com/wakeboard-ballast-packages/factory-wakeboard-ballast-upgrades?boat_make=25"]Shop Now »[/button]

    If you have any questions about the correct factory upgraded ballast for your Malibu Wakeboard Boat feel free to contact us for expert advice.

  • A Surfer's Delight - 2011 Malibu Wakesetter 247

    The Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV is brand new for 2011, and we outline some of the new features, and what makes this boat such a great wakesurfing platform if you need room for 17 people on the water.

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