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  • Tech Tuesday #18: Skylon Wakeboard and Wakesurf Tower Rack Sizing

    Wakeboard Rack Tech Tuesday

    Wakeboard and Wakesurf tower racks are a great option for boaters that want to keep their gear off the seats and floor of their boat. The benefit to having tower racks is twofold. The first benefit is that tower racks free up extra seating and storage space in your boat and the second benefit is that it protects your board from getting damaged by a wayward foot or closing compartment. Continue reading

  • Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Bob Soven Interview

    Bob Soven WakeMAKERS Interview

    Bob Soven took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about life, shampoo, and his 2014 Pro Model Board from Liquid Force.

    (WM) Where are you right now? And what are your travel plans for Spring 2014?
    (BS) I’m in my rarest of locations…home. I head to Dubai on Saturday then it’s straight into domestic travel.

    Liquid Force BOB Wakeboard 2014

    (WM) Why the 5-stage rocker on your 2014 BOB and BOB Hybrid? What are the main advantages of a 5-stage rocker compared to a 3-stage or continuous board?
    (BS) The 5-stage rocker allows us to put more rocker into the board without having the abrupt 3-stage feel. The B.O.B. goes P.O.P. !

    (WM) What do you like about your Open-Toe’d B One? Most higher end pro model bindings are closed-toe?

    (BS) My open toe binding is actually based off of closed toe technology; allowing your toes to help control your edge. So, we took that philosophy and ran with it. Cutting off the front part of a closed toe binding and adding the strap above the toes was the most advantageous route for increasing toe control. I like to call it the open closed toe.

    Liquid Force B-One Wakeboard Bindings 2014

    (WM) Who’s the funniest pro wakeboarder you’ve ever taken a trip with?
    (BS) James Balzer. Hands down, the man is outrageous.

    (WM) Shampoo or Shampoo and Conditioner?
    (BS) If hygiene and dandruff weren’t a factor, I would only use conditioner. It does wonders for my curls.  

    (WM) Is risky dancing still a priority for you?
    (BS) Ha. Not at all, sorry guys.

    (WM) Now that you’ve become a ROTY, how do you top that?
    (BS) I don’t, I just ride this out.

    (WM) Are you going to ride more boat or cable this year? Do you see wakeboarding going in the direction of obstacles and cable and further away from boat riding? if so, why?
     (BS) I see both aspects of the sport sticking it out for the long haul. I don’t necessarily prioritize or separate my boat and cable riding; it’s all just wakeboarding to me.

    (WM) What’s your power animal?
    (BS) Solar Bear

    (WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Flavor?
    (BS) OG baby!

    (WM) Any Shoutouts?
    (BS) Topanga!!!!!!!



  • Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Tom Fooshee

    (WakeMAKERS) What’s the funniest mispronunciation of your last name?

    (Tom Fooshee) This one happens a lot and usually from a telemarketer. They will call and ask for Tom “Sushea”. Almost like a different way to say sushi. It never gets old.

    (WM) Best contest you’ve ever been a part of and why?

    (TF) I would have to say one of two events. First being Cablestock because of  how much involvement I have with that event. Seeing it go from discussions at a conference table to what it is, is really rad. The other would be Wake Open. Pat Panakos and crew put in a ridiculous amount of work for us riders to have a great time. Plus all the media exposure that goes into it also helps. They are both incredible events!

    Buy the 2014 Liquid Force Super Trip(WM) You switched over from the LF Tex in 2013 to the LF Super Trip in 2014. What are the biggest differences between those boards? Do you use it strictly for cable or are we going to see you riding behind your Axis on the Super Trip?

    (TF) I have been riding the Liquid Force Fusion behind the boat, but I do often mix it up and ride the Liquid Force Super Trip behind the boat too. It is the best flex board out for both boat and cable. The trip was such a long time hit and the modern day version of it will have the same effect regardless of where you take it.

    (WM) What Liquid Force Bindings are you rocking this season? What’s your favorite part about them?

    (TF) The Vantage Closed Toe. This binding has the perfect level of flex and maneuverability to it without sacrificing support and function. Of course my favorite part is the Velcro. We have our bindings so dialed in right now. The Velcro never wears down, its quick and easy and I still have yet to break a pair of bindings.Buy the Liquid Force Vantage CT Wakeboard Bindings

    (WM) How would you describe the 2014 Liquid Force Super Trip in one sentence?

    (TF) The most ridiculously awesome flex board that is easy to ride for all skill levels and can perform amazing presses on the cable while providing great pop behind the boat with soft landings everywhere you boast in the air.

    (WM) What’s the current ballast setup like on your Axis A22? What bags and where do you have them placed?

    (TF) I have the plug and play system courtesy of Straight Line products. So on top of the factory ballast I have two 750’s in each rear compartment, an additional 950 arrow shaped bag that goes through the bow and into the nose which all of that is plumed in. That is an option you can get on any Axis boat. On top of all of that I have a 650 on top of the seats in the nose and a 750 on the floor. So totaling around 5000lbs of ballast and it plains off no problem. Shocking part is that is with the stock base motor. Loving it!

    Shop Axis Wake Factory Ballast Upgrades>>

    (WM) Do you ever use the Surf Gate? If so, what’s your favorite Liquid Force Wakesurfer?

    (TF) I do have surfgate on my 2013 Liquid Force Edition Axis A22 and it has totally revolutionized what this boat can do. Most wakeboard specific boats don’t have the best surf wake, but the Axis A series boats with surfgate make an monstrous surf wave that is very long. It definitely gets used on the weekends when I am at home and the lake is busy. Surfgate is one of the best inventions to ever happen to boats!

    (WM) How do you see wakeboarding progressing over the next few years?

    (TF) We are really on the right track with it right now. Most cable parks being built right now (usually by Sesitec) in the USA are made with the rider in mind. Cable is one portion of the progression of wakeboarding with that you can do with a Sesitec full size system and of course with a system 2.0 too. Unit parktech features are really helping progress with in lake pools, handrails and boosty kickers that are very cable park friendly. That is one direction that the sport will continue to progress in, but the other is what wakes have now become behind the boat. Axis for one has an A24 that is the largest wake I have yet to hit. Bigger boats and larger wakes are really chiming in on what can be done on a wakeboard. Thanks to Axis, riders can actually afford a boat that can produce a wake of this size without hurting your wallet.

    (WM) Who has the best style in Cable wakeboarding right now?

    (TF) Easy does it, Daniel Grant! The kid is unreal! If you follow wake and you haven’t heard of him, then you are living under a rock, so get out and get to a park now!

    Read our Daniel Grant interview>>

    (WM) What young gun should we be looking out for on the tour this season?

    (TF) Even though Daniel is still the youngest gun on the park scene, I am going to throw a different name out there as he is more of a rookie then Daniel. Aaron Gunn came onto the scene this year crushing it! The kid is young and fearless. You will definitely be seeing this name many more times across podiums and photos in the mag.

    (WM) You’ve won a lot of contests, championships and a ROTY so far in your career. Which one stands out as the best?

    (TF) Definitely it being getting AllianceWake Rider of the Year in 2010. This in particular to me is the most coveted award you can be given in wakeboarding. This is something that you don’t get recognized for because you killed it in a contest or are a really good rider in one aspect of riding, this is an award that recognizes you as making the most impact in the sport that year along with progressing the sport and while helping improve the industry in general.

    Tom-Fooshee-Interview Tom getting ready to take the 2014 Liquid Force Fusion for a spin behind an Axis.

    (WM) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    (TF) Hopefully still working in the industry. If I am not riding, then I better be repping Liquid Force, improving Texas Ski Ranch as an employee and anything I can to help produce more cable parks and boat sales in the US.

    (WM) What’s your power animal?

    (TF) I’m going to go with a giraffe, I would love to know how it feels to be tall.

    (WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Drink flavor?

    (TF) Rehab pink lemonade! If you like pink lemonade then this is even better. The best before a shred!

    (WM) Any shoutouts?

    (TF) Of course! Aaron Grace, Tony Finn, Don Wallace, Matt Gleason, Jimmy Redmon and the entire crew at Liquid Force. Everyone at Monster Energy and SPY for all you do for wake and myself, Blake Hess and Paul Bialick at Texas Ski Ranch, Nico and Christen von Lerchenfeld at Sesitec, Lani Farmer, Jack Springer and Bryant Thomas at Malibu/Axis, and Johannes and Stefan at Unit Parktech. Thank you all guys for allowing me to live the dream!

    (WM) Where can we find you online?

    Instagram is the best in my opinion, find me there at @TomFooshee


    Twitter: @TomFooshee

  • Tech Tuesday #15: 2014 Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Bindings

    Tech Tuesday Harley Clifford Binding

    With Harley fresh off his win at the Mastercraft Pro Tour stop in Acworth, GA, we thought it would be the perfect time to give more information about his pro model wakeboard bindings from Liquid Force. Welcome to Tech Tuesday, Harley Clifford style!

    Endorsed by the most consistent boat rider in the world, the 2014 Harley is back and LIGHTER than last years best-selling binding. We are super stoked about Harley's 2014 setup from Liquid Force because it blends value and performance. The bindings themselves retail for $379.99 but when you package it with the Harley wakeboard you save almost $200. In a world of ever-increasing prices the Harley Wakeboard Package is a breath of fresh air. Enough about the pricing, lets dive a little deeper into what makes the Harley Binding so popular year after year.

    Liquid Force created the Harley Binding to fill a need in the pro model wakeboard binding market and give the Aussie sensation his own signature setup. With mid-stiff support and an Impact EVA foam footbed, the Harley is a great binding choice for riders that spend a lot of time behind the boat. The responsive upper and impact foam provide the support you need to go huge behind the boat and with sizes ranging from 4-13+ there's almost a Harley Binding for everyone. The biggest difference between this years model and the 2013 is the overall weight. Liquid Force was able lighten up the 2014 Harley without sacrificing support or build quality.

    Key Techical Specs

    Liquid Force Harley Binding BaseThe Impact EVA footbed is made from a specially designed foam the displaces those high-impact landings that occur when you're riding behind the boat and at the cable park. Heel bruising will quickly become a distant memory.





    Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Binding LacesThe Zonal Lace System makes it easy to get the perfect fit by giving you the option to tighten and loosen "zones" according to the shape and structure of your foot. Two different lace tensioners (one for the lower foot and one for the ankle area) allow you to quickly adjust the the full lacing system.




    2014 Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Binding


    The IPX Chassis gives you amazing board feel and control by placing your feet right next to the deck. Long gone are the days of having 2-3" of foam between your foot and the wakeboard.









    If you have any additional questions about the Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Bindings, please feel free to give us a call at 888-338-6085

    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/liquid-force-harley-wakeboard-bindings.html]Buy the Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Bindings»[/button]



  • Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Shane Bonifay Interview


    Shane Bonifay Interview

    Shane Bonifay was nice enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to chat about his new bloodhound, contest schedule, and the 2014 Shane from Liquid Force. Stay tuned for more Rider Reactions Series where we interview Liquid Force Pro Team Members.

    (WakeMAKERS) Where are you right now?

    (Shane Bonifay) At home. Clear Lake, Orlando, Florida on my way to Physical Therapy for my ankle in about 20 mins.

    (WM) Take us through a day-in-the-life of Shane Bonifay circa 2014.

    (SB) Well things can change fast. During the off season it's usually golf with Parks, Marc, Danny or Jimmy and snowboard trips when they can happen but this off season has sucked it's been spent sitting on the couch and going to Physical Therapy for the left ankle.

    When it gets warm, and I'm not traveling, really just trying to ride with who ever is around. I have been riding OWC a lot and if not there riding with Jimmy behind his G23. Also filming and shooting when the light's right and there's a new rail or setup.

    (WM) What contest are you most excited for this year?

    (SB) I am still figuring out the schedule, but I think FISE in France and the Monster Energy Triple Crown should be some really fun ones. Sucks they are not doing Red Bull Wake Open or Wake The Line this year. As of now at least.

    (WM) We heard you got a new dog recently? How’s that going?

    (SB) It's going awesome he's a bloodhound named blood and he's super chill. Still peeing in the house but I've only had him a week or two so he's learning.

    (WM) Who’s a better wakesurfer? You or Parks?

    (SB) I'm not really the competitive type of wakesurfer. More the soul surfing type. I like to sit down on it, do coffins, laybacks and I like to ride switch a lot. Not 3s or shuv it's. So I'd say Parks

    (WM) How would you describe your 2014 Liquid Force Shane Pro Model wakeboard in one sentence?

    (SB) The shape and graphic are a perfect replica to my personality.

    Buy the 2014 Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard
    Buy the 2014 Liquid Force Shane Hybrid Wakeboard here.

    (WM) Are you riding more cable or boat these days?

    (SB) I try to ride 50/50 with both but it's probably a little more cable then boat and I am rarely trying to learn new tricks on the boat. My cable riding excelled so much in the last few years and I really have so much fun doing double flips and the contest are more fun.

    (WM) In your opinion, what year Shane Bonifay pro model had the best graphic?

    (SB) Wow that's tough, I really like this years and the first year I did the subject was cool. The cartoon kid on the street corner of pointless and incomplete.

    I had one done by the guys who do lost surf boards and that is awesome. That's the only one I don't have in the collection

    (WM) Who has the best style in wakeboarding right now?

    (SB) Cable:I think maybe Dominik Hernler
    (SB) Boat: I still think Danny Harf is the smoothest.

    (WM) Here’s a scenario for you. You only have 3 spots left on your boat, who would you take with you for a morning glass session?

    (SB) This is hard because I don't get to ride with a lot of different people and I definitely want to go out on the boat with some of the riders I haven't got to but if it's all about having a good time. Any 3 of this group in no certain order. Danny Harf, Jimmy Lariche, Shawn Watson, Erik Ruck or Parks

    (WM) The most underrated wakeboarder right now?

    (SB) There's a lot out there. So many new up and comers but my roommate Cody Hess is amazing, dropping double mobes and his determination alone is crazy.

    (WM) How’s Orlando treating you? Where are your favorite places to ride in the Orlando area?

    (SB) Well some of the time I am out OWC and if not there probably on Clear Lake. Here in another month Kevin Henshaw's permacation park is going to be done and I think I will be out there most of the time.

    (WM) What’s your power animal?

    (SB) I think it's maybe the bald eagle. I know it's not original but I am pretty f------ patriotic

    (WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Flavor?

    (SB) They have new flavors ever month but right now I like the rehab drinks. And the Sweet Tea and Lemonade flavor of that one

    (WM) Any Shoutouts?

    (SB) All my sponsors: Liquid Force, Monster Energy, Jetpilot, SPY, Pointless

    (WM) Where can we find you online?

    (SB) Hopefully more places this year, last year sucked for me. I didn't make a web edit and most of the filming didn't do go to any use.
    So hopefully on shanebonifay.com or every other wakeboard website you look at. Like WakeMAKERS.com

    Thanks guys for the question and time to answer them. -Shane

  • Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Daniel Grant Interview

    Daniel Grant Rider Reactions Series

    Daniel Grant took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about life, gaming, and his favorite Cable Park. He may not be able to drive a car yet, but he's already one of the most talented riders on the planet. Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a Liquid Force Mesh Wet Bag, T-Shirt, and Sticker Pack below.

    (WakeMAKERS) Do you have your drivers license yet?

    (Daniel Grant) No, have to be 18 in Thailand :( .

    (WM) How many air miles have you put in this year?

    (DG) Just checked my Tripit account, it's only February, so not much, 26,000, but I am in Australia and Europe in the next month. Since I started travelling for wakeboarding, (4 years), I have done 44 trips, 638 days, 640,000kms, 87 cities, 25 countries.

    (WM) When did you start wakeboarding?

    (DG) About 8 years ago, I was 8 years old.

    (WM) Wakeskating or Wakeboarding? You can only pick one, Daniel.

    (DG) I cannot pick one. Sometimes I just wakeskate for weeks on end, then get bored so turn to the wakeboard. Or Vice Versa. I would like to win a stop on The Wakeskate Tour though.

    (WM) Bangkok or Phuket?

    (DG) Is that a question? Bangkok of course.

    (WM) Take us through a typical day in the life of Daniel Grant.

    (DG) When home, wake up, grab my motorbike and head to TWP (Thai Wake Park), ride, chill, skateboard, eat, ride. A couple of days a week, I will head to the city, go to the Flow House to ride, skate a bit in the city and hook up with my friends. If it’s a good night, then more chilled the next day (We can game through the night) If I am travelling, which is pretty much 1⁄2 the year, it really depends where I am, but pretty much the same stuff.

    Buy the 2014 Liquid Force Super Trip(WM) What’s your current cable park wakeboard setup? We’ve seen you riding the FLX and Deluxe this year.

    (DG) Since Expo I started on the Liquid Force Super Trip but at the moment with the Liquid Force Deluxe and riding my pro model Deluxe Limited. My full pro-model will be released this year, it will use the TAO name same as my wakeskate (Thai meaning is Turtle) It’s going be something really special ;) 

    (WM) What’s your favorite cable park contest?

    (DG) Definitely King Of Kicker at Thai Wake Park. The competition format is always a bit different every year. We take the good parts of WWA formats but always play around with new ideas. There’s always something special happens in the event.

    (WM) What’s your favorite cable park to ride at in the States and what’s your favorite one in the world?

    (DG) I would say TSR (Texas Ski Ranch) in the U.S.A and of course my home cable, Thai Wake Park is the best. Parks have to have a good vibe, and both those places are awesome.

    (WM) Are we going to see you riding at any boat contests in the near future?

    (DG) If you're lucky! Maybe I will try a few wakeskate comps. Lets see.

    (WM) Who has the best style in Wakeboarding right now?

    (DG) You cannot name one, depends on the format and the event. You see the podium positions are always moving around between riders and there are so many riders that are not competition riders. It’s impossible to name one, but I try to progress my riding of a whole bunch of different riders.

    (WM) Who is the most underrated wakeboarder right now?

    (DG) My buddy at TWP, Im San (A.K.A Chow).

    (WM) Who is the most underrated wakeskater right now?

    (DG) I was going to say Clement (Clement Depremonville) but he’s just got voted skater of the year. Right now I would say James Harrington.

    (WM) What’s your power animal?

    (DG) What does that mean?

    (WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Flavor?

    (DG) Monster Energy Javva Coffee, can that be my power animal?

    (WM) Any Shoutouts?

    (DG) For sure, all my sponsors. Liquid Force, Obscura, Monster Energy, Spy Optic, Rip Curl, Thai Wakepark, Razer, Sesitec.

    (WM) Where can we find you online?

    (DG) Yeah my webpage, www.waketao.com. It links also to my facebook, instagram and twitter page.

  • #mydreamwakepackage Contest Winners Announced

    On behalf of all of us at WakeMAKERS we would like to say "Thanks" to everyone that participated in the #mydreamwakepackage contest. We would also like to thank Ronix and Liquid Force for teaming up with us and providing the gear!

     Joe Adams (Liquid Force Watson Package) and Anastazi Sarigiannis (Ronix Duke Longboard with Surf Rope) were the winners. If the photos below are any indication, it looks like Joe and Anastazi are pretty stoked about their new Ronix and Liquid Force gear.

    Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard Contest Winner

    Joe with his 2014 Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard Package.

    Ronix Duke Longboard

    Anastazi with his 2014 Ronix Duke Longboard.

  • Tech Tuesday #8: Wakesurf Board Construction Styles Explained

    Tech Tuesday WakeMAKERS

    Wakesurfing has quickly become the fastest growing watersport over the last few years. This explosion has also meant that more and more companies are investing in R&D and coming out with better construction methods and more advanced shapes. All of these different brands, shapes, and construction designs can be confusing if you're not sure how they all work. In todays edition of Tech Tuesday we are going to cover the 3 basic wakesurf construction types. This information should help you make a better informed decision about what type of wakesurf board you should purchase for your riding level and wake size.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to talk with one of our experts at (888) 338-6085 or email us at sales@wakemakers.com.

    Compression Molded

    Designed for riders that are new to the sport or naturally put their boards through more abuse. These boards offer the best value and amazing durability. Compression molding is the same technique that's used to build wakeboards, so it's easy to see why these boards are more durable than a foam and glass surfboard constructed style.

    Beginners usually opt for compression molded boards because they ride a bit slower and are more controlled behind the boat. Compression molded boards are less responsive than surf constructed boards and heavier, so they are generally regarded as a board for beginners to learn on. One of the benefits to buying a compression molded board is the fact that most of these boards fit in a traditional wake or surf rack on your boat. The thicker and more fragile surf style boards typically don't fit in racks or they can easily be damaged in rough water.

    Once you've mastered getting up and surfing without the rope you'll want to progress to a surf constructed board for better performance.

    Liquid Force Fish Rail

    Recommended Compression Molded Wakesurf Boards

    Liquid Force Fish Wakesurf Board $299.99 (Pictured Above)

    Ronix Cortez Wakesurf Board $349.99

    Liquid Force TC Custom Skim Wakesurf Board $499.99

    Epoxy Fiberglass/ Surfboard Construction

    Surf constructed boards are typically made from foam and then glassed over. These boards are similar to what you would see people using for ocean surfing. Surf style boards are faster, lighter, and more fragile than compression molded boards and they're the favorite for intermediate to advanced riders. These surfers have more float and are thicker which can make them too large to fit in a rack. What the boards might lack in durability they more than make up for in performance and speed.

    Surf Constructed boards are generally more expensive than compression molded surfers because they take additional time to build and the materials cost more.

    Ronix Koal Rail

    Recommended Surf Construction Wakesurf Boards

    Ronix Koal Fish Wakesurf Board $549.99 (Pictured Above)

    Liquid Force Custom Fiver Wakesurf Board  $579.99

    Ronix Koal Power Tail Wakesurf Board $579.99

    Hybrid Construction

    The newest construction style for wakesurfing borrows some popular technology from our ocean-bound brethren. If you've ever taken surfing lessons before there's a good chance you've used a board with a softer foam top and a slick base. These boards are durable, easy on the wallet and a great option to add to your wakesurfing quiver.

    Hybrid construction boards blend together multiple construction methods. A good example of this is the Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher because it features a soft foam top and compression molded construction. These boards are great for beginners and kids because it gives them a more forgiving platform to learn on and it can also helps protect the back of your boat in the occurrence that a rider shoots the board into it.

    Ronix Mellow Thrasher Rail

    Recommended Hybrid Construction Wakesurf Boards

    Ronix Marsh "Mellow" Thrasher Wakesurf Board $369.99 (Pictured Above)

    Ronix Women's Marsh "Mellow" Thrasher Wakesurf Board $369.99

  • Liquid Force Welcomes Sophie Hogben to the Team


    The talented Australian shredder Sophie Hogben is officially part of the Liquid Force International Team.

    She first caught our attention during the Summer 2013  video where she had one of the best season edits we've seen in a long time (guy or girl). Congrats to Liquid Force and Sophie! We can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for the both of you.

    It sure looks like that 2014 Liquid Force FLX is working out well for her. Click here to see all the cable park wakeboards from Liquid Force.

    Welcome to the Team - Sophie from Jamie Neville on Vimeo.

  • Aaron Reed Joins The Centurion Pro Team

    Centurion Signs Aaron Reed

    We just heard through the inter-webs that Centurion Boats signed Wakeskating Legend Aaron Reed to their Pro Team. To tell you the truth, we were't too surprised after seeing the "Centurion Boats: Invitation Only" edit that was floating around Alliance Wake earlier this year.

    It looks like Aaron will be sporting the '14 Centurion Enzo FX22 this year and the O'Neill Revenge Comp Vest.

    If you have an older model Centurion (02-09) and you want to upgrade your wake to legendary status check out our Centurion TankBuster Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade Kit.

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