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Tech Tuesday #2: 2014 Straight Line & Liquid Force Ballast Bag Improvements

Posted by Jake on Feb, 06 2014

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PRICE DROP ALERT: Launch Pad Uber Pump NOW $49.95

Posted by Spencer on Nov, 09 2010

The Launch Pad Uber Pump is now the least expensive ballast pump but it is also still one of the fastest at 1,100 gallons per hour. Utilize Launch Pads air release and water tight LINK valve which is one of the best features in the water ballast bag industry. The end of the hose and the base of the pump are designed to fit the quick connect Link valves on each of the Launch Pad sacs. With 9 feet of flexible, transparent tubing and 12 feet of 12-volt power cord, you can fill and drain sacs anywhere in your boat. The Launch Pad Uber pump really is the uberest way to fill and drain your Launch Pad wakeboard ballast bags equipped with LINK fittings.

Was: $69.95 | Now: $49.95

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New Launch Pad Sumo Wakeboard Ballast Pump Is Fast

Posted by Spencer on Jun, 04 2010

Launch Pad Sumo Pump:

For the 2010 Season, Launch Pad has introduced the NEW Sumo Pump. This high speed ballast pump pairs up with Launch Pad’s popular Sumo Ballast Bags using the Link Fitting System. Launch Pad’s spring-loaded Link valve creates a clean, water-tight seal that automatically opens and closes when the Sumo pump is used for filling and draining, eliminating water shooting into the boat. The Sumo Ballast Pump is being touted as one of the most powerful ballast pumps on the market. With a fill rate of 100 pounds in 55 seconds your sacs will be full before you can finish applying your sunscreen.

When you want a clean simple to use ballast bag and pump combo check out the Launch Pad Sumo line of products. Launch Pad has a Sumo Sac to fit every storage compartment in your boat. Contact us for any questions you may have about the new Sumo Pump or how to weight your boat for wakesurfing or wakeboarding.

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HOW TO: Fill Launch Pad Link Bags With Fly High’s Tsunami Pump

Posted by Jason on Jul, 16 2009

Now that we offer Launch Pad’s line of wakeboard ballast products we’ve had a number of customers ask us how they can use their existing (or new) Fly High Pro X Series Tsunami Ballast Pump to fill Launch Pad LINK equipped bags. The good news is that thanks to a number of new fittings Launch Pad has introduced, it’s now possible, and fairly easy to use Fly High’s Pump.

To build the required adapter you will need to parts:

Together, those two adapters make it possible to connect Fly High’s Tsunami ballast pump to Launch Pad’s Link equipped ballast bags. Continue reading

Introducing Launch Pad Ballast Bags and Ballast Fittings

Posted by Jason on Jul, 08 2009


We’re proud to announce the availability of Launch Pad’s line of Ballast Bags and Ballast Fittings. We have had a lot of customers requesting Straight Line’s new ballast products, and with the addition of their LINK adapter fittings which make it possible to integrate sacs into almost any system, the versatile Launch Pad products are sure to be popular.

Launch Pad’s new line of adapters allows their LINK equipped ballast bags to be used in many new applications. From integrated ballast systems, to factory add-ons, the 3/4″ threaded adapter and 1.1″ hose barb adapter allow for a multitude of different system configurations.

Contact us if you have any questions about how to use Launch Pad’s new ballast bags and ballast fittings in your boat.

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