WakeMAKERS X-Link Ballast System

Tech Tuesday #19: X-Link Ballast System Explained

Posted by Jake on Jul, 22 2014

The X-Link Ballast System is designed for owners with pre-2013 boat models that want a SurfGate or NSS style system. Installing the X-Link system gives you the option to quickly transfer water from one ballast bag to the other in … Continue reading

Johnson Ultra Ballast Reversible Pump

Tech Tuesday #4: All about the NEW Johnson Ultra Ballast Reversible Pump

Posted by Jake on Feb, 25 2014

Welcome to Tech Tuesday! Each week we will choose one question from a customer and post the answer on our blog. You can join in on the action by emailing your technical questions to sales@wakemakers.com with the subject: Tech Tuesday, … Continue reading


NEW PRODUCT: Pre-Wired Ballast Switch Connector

Posted by Jason on Jan, 31 2013

We’re always working hard to make adding ballast to your boat easier. ┬áThat’s why this type of product is so excited; it will significantly reduce the time and knowledge required to install an automated wakeboard ballast system using the Johnson … Continue reading

Wiring Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump Switches

Posted by Spencer on Aug, 30 2012

To help our customers install their Johnson Ultra Ballast Pumps we have developed the guide below. Wiring a reversible pump must be done correctly so that the pump will run both in forward and reverse. This is done by reversing … Continue reading

Johnson Ultra Ballast Pumps Back In Stock

Posted by Spencer on Oct, 06 2010

New for 2010 the Johnson Ultra Ballast Wakeboard Ballast Pump is finally back in stock after being sold out for much of the summer. Designed to quickly fill or when reversed, drain a ballast tank at a rate of more … Continue reading