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  • Tech Tuesday #19: X-Link Ballast System Explained

    X-Link Ballast System Explained

    The X-Link Ballast System is designed for owners with pre-2013 boat models that want a SurfGate or NSS style system. Installing the X-Link system gives you the option to quickly transfer water from one ballast bag to the other in half the time. Anyone that's been on a boat with regular and goofy wakesurf riders knows how cumbersome it can be to switch the ballast between riders. The X-Link System takes the process down from 10-18 minutes in a 750 pound bag to right around 5 minutes. Leaving you with more time for wakesurfing and less time waiting for your bags to fill and drain. Continue reading

  • Tech Tuesday #4: All about the NEW Johnson Ultra Ballast Reversible Pump

    Welcome to Tech Tuesday! Each week we will choose one question from a customer and post the answer on our blog. You can join in on the action by emailing your technical questions to sales@wakemakers.com with the subject: Tech Tuesday, or hit us up on social media with the hashtag #WMTechTuesday. 

    Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump with Orange ImpellerWhat is the difference between the Johnson Pumps from WakeMAKERS and the one's I find on Amazon or Ebay?

    At WakeMAKERS, we pride ourselves in being advocates for our customers. Not only will we facilitate the warranty process when something does go wrong but we also only stock the newest newest version of the products we sell. That is why we got rid of all of the black impeller pumps and now only have the Johnson Pumps with the orange impellers on our shelves. The high-strength, elastomeric material is self-lubricating which is key in producing faster fill/drain times. Our test's have shown that the orange impellers outperform standard neoprene or rubber impellers when it comes to reliability during run dry. The Johnson Ultra Ballast Reversible Pump also features extended protection in the form of a thermos overload switch that will shut the pump off before long term damage can be done to the motor.

    How do you service the Johnson Reversible Pump to help it last longer?

    Flexible Impellers, like the one featured in the Johnson Reversible Ballast Pump, work best when they are used regularly. Impellers may become damaged or ruined by debris, chemicals, or by running the pumps dry for too long. If you put 100 or more hours on your boat a year it would be wise to change your ballast pump impellers once a season. If the boat is run less frequently the ballast impellers should be changed every two seasons. (Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump Orange Impeller)

    Johnson Ultra Ballast Reversible Pump

    How can I winterize my Johnson Reversible Pump?

    In order to keep your Johnson Pump and Impeller running like new we recommend taking it out, rubbing it with Vaseline and storing it in a Ziploc bag while you're boat is dormant during the winter months. Remember that the best time to remove the impellers is during the winterization process.

    How does hot water and what ever solution run through your ballast system during invasive species inspections affect your impeller?

    The life of your impeller will depend on the temperature of the water you are pumping through it. The Johnson Impeller is designed to work best and have a normal lasting life between temperatures of 41F-131F. Anything above or below that range will have an impact on how long the impeller will be in good working function.

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  • NEW PRODUCT: Pre-Wired Ballast Switch Connector

    We're always working hard to make adding ballast to your boat easier.  That's why this type of product is so excited; it will significantly reduce the time and knowledge required to install an automated wakeboard ballast system using the Johnson Ultra Ballast pump.

    For such a simple, and inexpensive item, you'll be blown away by how much easier this switch connector will make your install.  Simple match up the four colored wires coming off the back of the switch with battery + and -, and pump + and -, and you're set.

    This is just the latest in our expanding line of ballast system electrical products designed to make installing and automated ballast system even easier.

    Pre-Wired Ballast Switch Connector>>

  • Wiring Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump Switches

    To help our customers install their Johnson Ultra Ballast Pumps we have developed the guide below. Wiring a reversible pump must be done correctly so that the pump will run both in forward and reverse. This is done by reversing the polarity at the switch.

    If you don't want to bother with figuring all of this out, consider picking up our Pre-wired Switch Connector for Reversible Pumps, which makes the install a plug-and-play process and will work with both Jabsco and Johnson flexible vane impeller pumps.

  • Johnson Ultra Ballast Pumps Back In Stock

    New for 2010 the Johnson Ultra Ballast Wakeboard Ballast Pump is finally back in stock after being sold out for much of the summer. Designed to quickly fill or when reversed, drain a ballast tank at a rate of more than 720 GPH which makes this the fastest flexible impeller pump on the market. Besides the speed, the Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump has a robust design that can handle the rigors of continues usage and has a built in thermal overload for added protection.  The Ultra Ballast Pump is perfect for automated ballast system applications or as an upgraded factory wakeboard ballast pump in Mastercraft, Nautique, Centurion, Supra, and Moomba wakeboard boats.

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