Ballast 101: Basics of Adding Ballast to Your Boat

Posted by Jason on Feb, 19 2014

We wanted to develop the definitive guide to adding ballast to your boat to build a better wake. Whether you’re interested in wakeboarding, wakesurfing or both, the information included here will give you all of the knowledge you need to … Continue reading

Weighting A V-Drive Boat for Wakesurfing

Weighting a V-Drive Boat For Wakesurfing

Posted by Spencer on Mar, 28 2013

We answer a lot of questions pertaining to the subject of “how to weight a v-drive boat for wakesurfing”. Instead of diving into the details about filling and draining I am going to keep this simple. The end goal is to surf without the rope. This can be accomplished with a minimal wakesurf ballast bag upgrade. By adding more weight beyond the factory ballast system the surf wake will be bigger faster and the push will be stronger. Friends don’t let friends surf two inches from the swim platform. Continue reading

Install Thru-hull Fittings in a Boat Hull

Posted by Spencer on Mar, 08 2013

Take the worry out of drilling a hole in the bottom of your boat when you watch our “How To Install a Thru-Hull Fitting” video. We outline the entire process from determining the best location to actually drilling through the … Continue reading

Change Your Propeller With The Acme Harmonic Puller

Posted by Spencer on Dec, 10 2012

Check out this How-To Change a prop using the Acme Harmonic Puller video. Continue reading

How To: Change Your Inboard Propeller In 10 Minutes

Posted by Spencer on Oct, 29 2012

This simple How To change your inboard boat propeller video will save you time before you get underneath the boat. Don’t let a damaged prop ruin your time on the water. Learn how to change your own wakeboard boat propeller in less than 10 minutes. Always be prepared with a backup or replacement prop and prop puller to get the job done. Don’t worry about paying someone else to install your new prop upgrade. Watch and learn to do it on your own! Continue reading