Tech Tuesday #7: How to Fill and Drain Ballast Bags with the Elevate Turbo Pump

Posted by Jake on Mar, 18 2014

How do I fill and drain my ballast bags with the Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump? We hear this question quite a bit from our customers and on the boating forums. If you are new to portable ballast systems or boating … Continue reading

Fly High EVX Ballast Bag - Dual Drain Port

New Arrival: Fly High Pro X Series Fat Sac EXV and Fly High Pro X Series Jumbo Sac EXV

Posted by Spencer on Apr, 12 2013

New for Spring 2013, Fly High and WakeMAKERS have redesigned the classic 750lb. Fat Sac and 1100lb. Jumbo Surf Sac in order to make integrations that much easier. By adding a drain port to either end of the ballast bag the Malibu and Axis Plug and Play system now becomes compatible. This also allows the use of the Elevate X-Link Ballast Transfer System as an extra bottom drain port is necessary for the installation. Continue reading

Will Asher Surfs His 2010 Malibu LXi

Posted by Spencer on Apr, 22 2010

No one explained to Will Asher that he needed to have a V Drive boat to wakesurf. Well do you? Mr. Asher recently loaded up his new Malibu LXi with a couple of friends and the wake was definitely surfable. Consider this, there isn’t any stock ballast nor is he using the Malibu wedge. By looking at the picture above we are guesstimating there is around 1000 lbs. of displacement. With the correct distribution of weight, the wake could be much better.

One question we often receive at Wakemakers is… “How much weight do I need to surf behind my direct drive water ski boat?” The answer is eight friends, but those friends aren’t always available. They can easily be replaced with a ballast bag, four to seven minutes of your time and $230 to $300.00.

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Fly High Part Number Reference Chart

Posted by Spencer on Jan, 11 2010


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Save Big On Wakeboard Ballast For A Limited Time!

Posted by Jason on Oct, 27 2009

On Sale Wakeboard Ballast
How does saving over $100 on a Fly High Pro X Series ballast bag sound? We just received a shipment of factory 2nd ballast bags and pumps direct from Fly High and we’re discounting them big to make your winter project budget stretch just a little further.

Included in the savings are some Fat Sacs, V-Drive Sacs, Rear Seat Sacs, and even some Inboard Surf Sacs and an Enzo Sac (there’s only one of those, so get on it). We’ve also got a whole slew of Tsunami Ballast Pumps that are deeply discounted. These savings are first come-first served, so head over and take a look if you’re up for getting double the ballast for your dollar.

If you have any questions about what ballast might be best in your boat, feel free to contact us.

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Reversible Pump Automated Ballast System Design

Posted by Jason on Aug, 04 2009

Impeller Pump Ballast System

This seems to be a popular topic lately, both on the forums, and for our ballast experts on the phone, so we figured it would be beneficial to write a full guide on how to design a ballast system around a reversible impeller style ballast pump. As usual, there are multiple ways to accomplish the same goals, so this shouldn’t be taken as the definitive guide on ballast system installations, but rather a recommendation on how to install a fully functional system that operates correctly based on our years of experience. Feel free to deviate from these plans where you see fit, or contact us if you any questions.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the good stuff!

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