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  • Tech Tuesday #10: Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump

    Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump Tech Tuesday

    The Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump has been around for a few years, but riders are still unsure about the differences between it and the Fly High Tsunami Pump. We are here to dispel the rumors and give you a detailed look at Elevate's Ballast Pump.

    If you use Fly High ballast bags the Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump is hands down the best option for filling and draining your bags. The Elevate Pump is designed to fill and drain Fly High ballast bags faster than the Tsunami Ballast Pump because of its non-kinking hose. If you spend any amount of time dealing with a portable ballast solution you will quickly gain an appreciation for a faster filling and draining pump -- who wants to spend any extra time waiting on bags when you could be surfing or wakeboarding behind the boat.

    The Elevate and Tsunami pumps both feature the Attwood 1200 GPH and Fly High's Quick Connect Fittings, the only real difference is the quality of hose used. The Elevate Pump features a clear, reinforced hose that doesn't kink when it's bent or thrown over the side of the boat for filling and draining.

    When the guys at Elevate were designing this pump almost three years ago we had mentioned that we were tired of dealing with the issues that are inherent to the Fly High Tsunami ballast pump. Don't get us wrong -- Fly High makes a nice product that we have been using every summer for the past 10 years, but we knew it could be much better. Elevate's simple improvements made on Fly High's design make the boating experience more enjoyable for us and our customers.

    The picture below illustrates the biggest issue customers have with the Fly High Pro X Series Tsunami Pump. When the Tsunami Pump hose is placed over the side of the boat for filling or draining it tends to kink and disrupt the flow of water. This can have a huge impact on your fill and drain times as well as making your experience less than enjoyable because you will have to watch the pump and hose to make sure it's un-kinked and water is flowing. This problem is at it's worst when we all use our boats... During the summer.

    Elevate Ballast Pump Hose


    Tsunami Ballast Pump Hose









    It's pretty easy to see where the issue with the Fly High Pro X Series Tsunami pumps is. The hose isn't reinforced and it tends to collapse on itself. *That picture was taken in our photo studio that's set at 68 degrees. Can you imagine how that hose would look in direct sunlight when it's 95 degrees out? When the sun's heat softens the hose it can be enough to fully collapse almost eliminating any water from passing into or out of the bag. By upgrading  to a 1-1/8" premium hose we eliminated kinking and collapsing which in turn decreased fill and drain times. This means that you get the true rated capacity of the Attwood Tsunami 1200GPH Aerator Pump for a fill rate of 167 pounds per minute.

    The Elevate pump is also designed to be compatible with Fly High's Quick Connect Fittings making it simple and easy to use.

    Elevate vs. Tsunami Ballast Pumps


    How much is your time worth? Spend the extra $10 and save a few hours of time this summer filling and draining your Fly High ballast bags.

    Buy The Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump»


  • Tech Tuesday #7: How to Fill and Drain Ballast Bags with the Elevate Turbo Pump

    How do I fill and drain my ballast bags with the Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump?

    We hear this question quite a bit from our customers and on the boating forums. If you are new to portable ballast systems or boating in general this guide should help you properly use your new ballast. This guide is focused on learning how to use the Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump with Fly High Ballast Bags.

    About the Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump: The Elevate Pump is made with the Attwood Tsunami 1200GPH pump and 10' of premium 1-1/8" hose that will not kink. Even though the Fly High Tsunami Pump uses the same Attwood 1200GPH pump the fill and drain times are slower than the Elevate Pump because it has a tendency to kink up when you throw the pump over the side of your boat. The extra $10 you will spend on the Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump will more than make up for itself with faster fill times and a better overall experience on the water.

    About Fly High Ballast Bags: Fly High has a wide variety of  bag sizes making them a great fit for almost any wakeboard boat. All of Fly High's fat sacs and ballast bags are built in the USA from a extremely durable Valmex material. Ballast Bags are great for helping build the perfect wake for wakesurfing or wakeboarding.


    When you are ready to fill up your ballast bags for wakeboarding or wakesurfing follow these steps.

    Step 1. Screw the Fly High Quick Twist Sac Thread Adapter W730 into the top port and unscrew the top cap. Twist the Fly High Air Release Bag Plug W749 in the central top port until it is secure.


    Step 2. Plug the fill connection at the end of the Elevate Hose into the Fly High Quick Twist Adapter. Make sure that the connection is securely locked in.


    Step 3. Take the Attwood Tsunami Pump, place it over the side of your boat and drop it in the water.


    Step 4. Grab the extension cord and plug the cigarette adapter into the cigarette lighter in your boat. *Caution: the pump will start running when you plug it in.


    Step 5. Once the bag is almost full you may want to "burp" any excess air out by loosening the Air Release Bag Plug. This will save you from spilling a bunch of water into your boat and it lets out the excess air, so you can get the maximum amount of water weight inside your ballast bags.


    When you are ready to empty your ballast bags follow these steps to quickly and easily drain them.

    Step 1. Remove the Fly High Quick Twist Top Cap and lock in the Elevate Ballast Pump.


    Step 2. Take the 1-1/8" ballast hose and gently place it over the side of your boat.


    Step 3. Once you are ready to start emptying the sacs you can plug the cigarette adapter into the cigarette lighter.


    Step 4. When the bag is finished draining, remove the Elevate Turbo Pump and hold it up in the air to drain any remaining water that may be in the hose.


    Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump Buy Fly High Fat Sacs
    Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump $109.99

    Fly High Fat Sacs $119.99+

    Why is the Elevate Pump better than the Fly High Tsunami Pump?

    The Elevate Turbo Pump uses the same Attwood Tsunami ballast pump as the Fly High Tsunami Ballast Pump. The main difference between the two is the Elevate pumps kink-free hose design that maximizes water flow, so kinking is no longer an issue when you throw the pump over the side of your boat. The higher quality hose material will last longer and fill faster than the Fly High Tsunami Pump. Long gone are the days of un-kinking and re-adjusting your hose to fill and drain ballast.

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