Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump

Tech Tuesday #10: Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump

Posted by Jake on Apr, 08 2014

The Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump has been around for a few years, but riders are still unsure about the differences between it and the Fly High Tsunami Pump. We are here to dispel the rumors and give you a detailed … Continue reading


Tech Tuesday #7: How to Fill and Drain Ballast Bags with the Elevate Turbo Pump

Posted by Jake on Mar, 18 2014

How do I fill and drain my ballast bags with the Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump? We hear this question quite a bit from our customers and on the boating forums. If you are new to portable ballast systems or boating … Continue reading

Build Your Own Fly High Tsunami Pump W709 / Elevate Turbo Pump

Posted by Spencer on Feb, 05 2013

We often get the question of why the Fly High Tsunami Pump W709 is so expensive when the Attwood Tsunami 1200 Pump itself is fairly inexpensive. Here is the material list and price breakdown of what is needed to build … Continue reading