Flow Rite Quick Connect Fittings

Tech Tuesday #17: 1-1/8″ Flow Rite Quick Connect Fittings 33046

Posted by Jake on Jul, 24 2014

The 1-1/8″ Flow Rite Barbed Elbow Quick Release Connector (Part #W746) is designed to work in conjunction with the Fly High 1″ Quick Release Connect (Part #W743). We often hear from our customers that they are concerned that these fittings … Continue reading

Flow Rite Quick Connect Fittings

Easily Install 1-1/8″ Fittings into 1″ Ballast Hose

Posted by Jason on Feb, 20 2012

Thanks to a standard that extends back more than 30 years, most marine bilge related products use 1-1/8″ hose connections rather than the more common 1″ inside diameter size. To make matters worse, many fittings are advertised universally as being … Continue reading

WakeMAKERS Ballast Hose vs. the Other Stuff

Posted by Kyle on Apr, 17 2011

You might think you can save yourself some cash by getting your PVC hose from stores like Home Depot. But in the end you’re not doing yourself any favors. You’ll actually be spending more and wasting more of your valuable time. Use a product that was made for your application. Continue reading