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  • Nautique G Series Added to the Prop Finder

    Nautique G21, G23, G25 Prop Finder

    It's been almost two years since Nautique unveiled their latest performance driven boat, the G23. Since then, multiple riders have landed 1080's behind its massive wake and a ton of surf sessions have been enjoyed with the assistance of the Nautique Surf System (NSS). The increase in demand for bigger, better performing boats has helped elevate the G Series to the top of our sport.

    With more Nautique G21's, G23's and G25's cruising the local waterways, we decided it was time to update our Prop Finder to include this boating behemoth.

    ACME 2247 4 Blade Prop2013 Super Air Nautique G23 & G25We recommend the ACME 2247 for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing. We've found that this Prop delivers the best blend of overall performance, fuel economy, and more consistent speeds. The ACME 2315 is our pick for High Elevation and Heavily Weighted Applications.

    *The 2013 Models feature the 1-1/8" shaft, so the prop options are different from the 2014 model boats. 






    ACME 2261 Prop

    For 2014, Nautique expanded the G Series with the addition of a 21' boat. They also started offering multiple engine options (343HP, 409HP, 450HP, and the 550HP) which in turn changed up some of the recommended props. The 2014 boats feature a larger shaft size (upgraded from 1-1/8" in 2013 to 1-1/4" in 2014) and an industry first 17" prop, the ACME 2561.

    We recommend the ACME 2561  Prop for Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing on the 2014  G21's, G23's, and G25's with the 409 or 450 Engine. For High Elevation or Heavily Weighted Applications we recommend the ACME 2569  Prop.

    The 2014 G Series boats with the XR 550 HP Supercharged LSA by PCM require different props for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing and for Heavily Weight and High Elevation Applications. We recommend the ACME 2261 for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing and we recommend the ACME 2309 Prop for High Elevation and Heavily Weighted G-Series Boats.


    Having the right propeller for you boat and application is important because it can increase your fuel efficiency, maximize engine life and improve the overall performance and handling of your boat.  You don't want to ruin a great day on the water by not having a spare prop in case something unfortunate happens to your current one.

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  • Winter Prop Sale - WakeMAKERS Top Props of 2013 Discounted


    Today we announced all props and accessories from WakePROPS.com have been relocated to WakeMAKERS.com/propellers to provide our customers with the best wake boat shopping selection possible. This day is about to get even better. We are lowering the prices on our best selling propellers for our winter sale. Save huge on the hottest Acme Props from the 2013 season this weekend.

    WakeMAKERS Top Props of 2013:

    Acme 1235 Prop - Our most popular wakeboard and wakesurfing power prop for Malibu Wakesetter Boats, Tige Z Boats, Super Air Nautique Boats and Axis A Series Boats

    Acme 2315 Prop - Hands down the Acme 2315 was our most asked for prop during the 2013 wakeboard season. From heavily loaded down Malibu Wakesetters to the Super Air Nautique G23 this prop delivers the best performance on the low end when raw power is everything.

    Acme 911 Prop - Wakeboarding and wakesurfing behind a fully ballasted direct drive or v-drive boat with a 1:1 gear ratio can seem impossible. Discover the magic of a lower pitched 3 blade power prop.

    Acme 1273 Prop - This prop is very similar to the Acme 1235 but has a little more cup delivering a couple more miles per hour on the top end and a little less aggressive bite out of the hole.

    Acme 422 Prop - Correct Craft owners know the 422 as a dependable do everything prop for late model Sport Nautique, first generation Air Nautiques and the cross over Air Nautique 206 and Air Nautique 216.

    Acme 231 Prop - Malibu Sunsetter owners have been using the Acme 231 four blade prop to replace their three blade 13x13 prop for years. This prop offers smooth power on direct drive boats with a 1:1 gear ratio and the larger 1-1/8" shaft. Basically any direct drive Malibu after the mid 90's.

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  • We Are Now Offering Wakeboard Propellers On WakeMAKERS.com

    wakemakers-logoBend, OR – Nov. 1, 2013 – WakeMAKERS is excited to announce the combination of their two industry leading websites, WakePROPS.com and WakeMAKERS.com (www.wakemakers.com/props). The combined shopping experience will offer watersports enthusiasts convenient access to the largest selection of wakeboard and wakesurfing ballast systems, boat propellers, marine audio products, and wakesurfing gear.

    Since its launch, WakePROPS.com has become one of the leading inboard propeller retailers with more than 200 in stock props from Acme Marine and OJ Propellers available for same day shipping. Now customers have access to the unmatched expertise WakeMAKERS offers for all of the products they carry, without having to call two different numbers, and place two separate orders. That means their questions can be answered in one phone call or email, and items can be combined for free shipping or any other promotion.

    "We have been offering the best props at the best prices for the past three seasons, but we were selling them through one of our other websites, WakePROPS.com, which was confusing for our customers. We needed to take a step back and simplify things to make the best shopping experience for our customers. There are so many different props that just browsing the hundreds of different combinations available based on shaft size, diameter, pitch and cup is simply overwhelming. We want everyone to fully enjoy every experience they have on the water without having to worry about their gear," said Spencer Welch, Sales Director at WakeMAKERS.com. "Every member of our team has marine product expertise and real world experience working in an inboard boat service center. I know that our customers will have an amazing buying experience and will leave with the best propeller for their boat."

    Shopping for a propeller on WakeMAKERS.com is simple, and with industry exclusive PropFinder guides for every major boat manufacturer, it's now easier than ever for wakeboarders, wakesurfers, waterskiers, and barefooters to find the perfect prop they need to obtain the maximum performance from their boat.

    With a complete selection of wakeboard ballast, marine audio, wakeboard tower accessories, wakesurf boards, and now inboard propellers, WakeMAKERS provides the best wake offering available online. Start shopping the massive selection of wakeboard gear or give them a call at 888-338-6085 or email sales@wakemakers.com.

    About WakeMAKERS.com
    With over 30 years of collective experience, WakeMAKERS has built a reputation of helping customers have more fun behind their boats with a combination of knowledge and an unmatched product selection. Dedicated to their goal of “making sure you're having as much fun as possible when on the water”, WakeMAKERS is located in Bend, Oregon and serves customers on the web at WakeMAKERS.com.

    WakeMAKERS Wakeboard Boat Prop Finder

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  • Free Shipping on All Props!

    Customer service has always been our #1 priority here at WakeShops and we're always trying to think of ways to make the customer's shopping experience more enjoyable. Well FREE SHIPPING on all prop orders just seemed like a no brainer.

    How many of us have been shopping online trying to find the best deal on something only to get all the way to the check out page to see the savings you spent all that time trying to find eaten up by shipping costs. Exactly, we hate it just as much as you do, which is why we've gone ahead and made the executive decision that from now on all prop orders will qualify for free shipping within the continental United States!

    Gone are the days of searching high and low online for the best deal. Gone are trying to factor in shipping prices to your budget. Gone are trying to find the perfect prop at one of your local boat and propeller dealers. We've got the knowledge and the prices to get you the prop you need.

    If you've ever been unhappy with your boat's performance, wait till you see what a difference a new prop can make. And with free shipping, there's never been a better time to check one out!

  • Learn How Acme Propellers are Manufactured

    Acme Marine is the number one inboard propeller manufacturer in the world. All Acme Propellers purchased from WakeProps are engineered, manufactured, inspected and shipped directly from our warehouse in Lake Oswego, OR. The best prop for each specific make and model of a boat is easy to find using our Prop Finder Tool. Discover the true performance potential of your wakeboard or wakesurf boat when loaded with ballast bags.

    Acme’s CNC process is the most accurate method for consistently producing propellers to the correct diameter, pitch and cup creating the perfect power to get the most out of your inboard boat. Acme Propellers are pushing the industry to discover the true performance potential of such a simple upgrade directly out of the box.

    Acme Prop Specs and Benefits:

    • 100% CNC Accuracy & Consistency
    • Revolutionary Performance
    • Exceptionally Smooth Operation
    • 100% Made in the U.S.A.
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