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Ballast System Layout Diagram Gallery

This gallery includes all of the individual ballast system diagrams that we've ever generated in one convenient location.  This is by no means a complete compilation of every possible layout, but it does cover most of the basics, and with a little creativity you should be able to tweak one of the below layouts to meet your needs.  As always, if you have specific questions, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

You can find all of the components listed in these diagrams in our Wakeboard Ballast Parts category.

Basic Aerator Pump System
Basic Aerator Pump Ballast System Layout


Aerator Pump System Shared Drain / Vent Thru-Hull Using Vented Loop Anti Siphon Valve On Fill Line (Below Waterline Ballast Bag)


Aerator Pump System Shared Drain / Vent Thru-Hull Using Check Valve On Fill Line (Above Waterline Ballast Bag)



Dual Aerator Pump System Single Intake


Basic Jabsco Impeller Pump System
Basic Impeller Pump Based Ballast System


Basic Johnson Impeller Pump System


Jabsco Impeller Pump System (Drains above the water line)

Jabsco Impeller Pump System With Shared Vent/Drain Port (Drains above the water line)

2008 Malibu VLX Super Piggy Back With Auxiliary Drain Pump on the Fly High Enzo Sac (Shares Factory Vent/Drain Ports)

Johnson Ultra Ballast Impeller Pump System (Drains above the water line)



6 thoughts on “Ballast System Layout Diagram Gallery ”

  • Lanny White

    Just purchased a 2002 LSV23 Sunscape. I want to load it up to surf. I'm interested in sacs for side compartments and center ski locker for now. There also appears to be plent of room underneath both back seats that go through to the side lockers to add ballast also. Not sure if anything is require in the bow because the ski locker runs almost all the way to the bow. I pick it up next week and I'll be able to measure how far up it goes and sizes. There is limited room under the seat cushions in the bow because they are molded and partitioned off. It's a big boat with lots of room amd kind of a clean canvas right now. I'd like to purchase the bags with a Tsunami pumps right now and then look to add a ballast system. I'd be interested in how the Xlink would work. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Lanny

    • Jason

      Hi Lanny-

      We can definitely help you out, I'll have one of our product experts give you a call first thing on Monday.

  • Ben

    Can you put 2 Piranha 1100gph pumps on a single 1-in intake? Also, could you ever fill the bag from the bottom? I have the Ronix 8.3 telescope bags that only have one port on the top (2 drain ports on the bottom), but I want to use them in an automated system.

    • Spencer

      You could either use our 1-1/8" wye fitting into the single 1" NPT port on the top of the eight.3 ballast bag which will allow for around 2200gph of water. This flow rate is more than you will actually get with the two Piranha pumps due to the amount of vertical rise of the hose.

      You can fill a ballast bag from the bottom using an aerator pump but once the bag gets to a certain capacity the back pressure is too much and the flow of water will be stopped. I have found this to usually be between 400 to 500 lbs.

      Have a great day and feel free to email or live chat us with anymore questions you may have.

  • Corey

    i will be setting up a 3 bag ballst setup by elaborating on the dual aerator pump setup you list for the two ballast bag system. Your setup is on a single intake for both pumps. Is this possible for three pumps, and in doing this can you run the pumps at the same time on single intake or do the each need thru hull intake to run all three at the same time.

    • Jason

      Hi Corey-

      We REALLY prefer that each pump have a dedicated intake fitting; it's cheaper (because we can use smaller hardware), easier to install, and results in much better performance because each pump is guaranteed to have sufficient water. If that's just not possible for some reason, you can build a manifold design using our Intake Tee and Nipple fittings, just be aware that if you run all three pumps at once, the volume of water available for the pump will be limited, which means the system will fill slightly slower.

      Hopefully that helps, if you have any other questions, please let us know.


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