Resources Wakeboard Ballast Resources, Guides, News, and Reviews 2015-03-31T06:42:05+00:00 <![CDATA[Custom Ballast Bag Design Gallery]]> Experience the difference a custom ballast bag can make. Each one of these custom ballast bags were crafted to our customer's specific measurements and finished to our precise standards. Optimize the space without the waste. As always, if you have specific questions, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

Every custom wakeboard ballast bag is quoted individually, so download our measurement form and we'll get you a no-obligation quote within 24 hours.


Boat: Nautique G Series Rear Port Ballast Bag (1028 lbs)
Location: Port Rear Locker
Capacity: 1028lbs.



Boat: Nautique G Series Rear Starboard Ballast Bag (1028 lbs)
Location: Port Rear Locker
Capacity: 1028lbs.



Boat: 2004 Centurion Enzo SV230 without Sideswipe Exhaust
Location: Port Rear Locker / Under Seat
Capacity: 1980lbs.


Boat: 2015 Tige Z3
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 1450lbs



Boat: 1999 Tige 2100V
Location:  Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 650lbs




Boat: 2014 Nautique G25
Location:  Side Lockers
Capacity: 340lbs



Boat: 2003 Centurion Hurricane
Location: Under Bow Seats
Capacity: 380lbs



Boat: 2002 Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV
Location: Rear Locker
Capacity: 780lbs


Boat: 2007 Centurion Avalanche
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 600lbs


Boat: Yamaha 242 LS
Location: Rear Storage continuing underneath side seat.
Capacity: 1,300lbs


Boat: 2005-2011 Malibu VLX
Location:  Side Locker
Capacity: 465lbs


Boat: Tige 22VE
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 980lbs


Boat: 2014 Moomba Mondo
Location:  Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 915lbs each


Boat: 2003 Ski Nautique 206
Location: Floor and Seat
Capacity: 1,420lbs


Boat: 2013 MB Tomcat 21
Location: Rear locker continuing underneath side seat. Customer wanted to add ballast while keeping as much rear locker storage as possible.
Capacity: 650lbs



Boat: 2010 Centurion Enzo 240
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 1,908lbs

custom centurion enzo ballast bag

Boat: 2006 MB B52 V23
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 1,094lbs

14069 custom wakesurf bag

Boat: 2008 MB 220 V
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 990lbs


Boat: 2007 Centurion Avalanche
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 1,977lbs


Boat: 2009 Centurion Enzo SV240
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 1,870lbs


Boat: 2001 Tige port side rear locker surf bag
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 1,000lbs


Boat: 2001 Tige 2300V
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 900lbs


Boat: 2006 Tige 22 VE
Location: Rear Locker continuing up underneath side seat.
Capacity: 980lbs


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<![CDATA[Introducing Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards]]> Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards

We are excited to announce the addition of Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards and Accessories to our wakesurf section. Everything about the Phase 5 brand is top notch! From their team, to their products, and their commitment to manufacturing in the USA. Drop by the Phase 5 brand page to view all the 2015 wakesurf boards.

"Bringing Phase 5 into the fold was the next obvious step for us to expand our wakesurf category. They make amazing surfers and we are excited to offer a hand-selected product mix from them in 2015". said Sales Manager, Spencer Welch.

Each board is tested by many members of our team before we decide to carry it. We've found this is the only way to see how a board will perform under real-world conditions. This allows us to give our customers a deeper perspective into how each board will ride. If we stock it, we stand behind it 100%.

At WakeMAKERS you won't find the largest selection of wakesurf boards, but you will find the best.

Why Should I Ride A Phase 5?

    - All of their boards are handmade in Venice, FL.
    - They've been designing and building surfboards, skimboards and wakesurfers for over 25 years.
    - Rider owned and operated -- the guys that make these boards also ride them.
    - 5 World Wakesurfing Titles have been won on Phase 5 boards.

Here's a look at a few of the boards we are excited about in 2015.

Phase 5 Danielo Hammerhead Wakesurf Board

Phase 5 Danielo Hammerhead- $718.99

Ridden by arguably the best wakesurfer on the planet, the 2015 Phase 5 Danielo Hammerhead is the go-to board for surfers that want a blend between surf and skim style. The carbon wrap gives the Hammerhead a snappy feel on the water and the twin tip shape makes riding revert a breeze. Get this board if you are an intermediate-advanced rider that wants a hybrid surf shape that's fast on the water.


Phase 5 Super Fish- $404.99

A new shape for 2015, the Super Fish is fast and tons of fun. This surf style board is stable on the water but it can still throw airs and big carves behind the boat. The Super Fish is designed for riders up to 165 pounds, so we like it for kids and teenagers.

Phase 5 The Vibe

Phase 5 Vibe- $738.99

The Vibe is a revamped version of the best-selling Colt shape. This is the board for bigger guys because the 56" model can accommodate riders up to 250 pounds. The Carbon and Gator Skin Layup give the Vibe a snappy and reactive feel on the water.

Phase 5 Wire Surf

Phase 5 Wire Surf- $898.99

The Wire is the thickest board in the Phase 5 line up and another new shape for 2015. The snub nose makes this board perfect for riders that like to land in reverse. Available in 2 sizes, the Wire is a great option for family's that only want to get one board for the whole boat.

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<![CDATA[Introducing Eight.3 Bow and Floor Ballast Bags]]> Eight.3 Bow and Floor Ballast Bags

Last summer we had the opportunity to test out some of the new Eight.3 ballast bag options before they were available.  The general consensus from all of us was "WOW, when will these be on the market". The speed of the Eight.3 system still holds true as the fastest portable ballast solution on the market. With the recent introduction of bow and floor bags for the 2015 season, it's going to be hard not to use Eight.3 ballast.

Eight.3 Telescope CTN Floor Ballast Bag

Put your feet up and enjoy what is happening behind the boat with one of these water filled ottoman ballast bags. Our crew's new favorite Eight.3 category are the Telescope CTN Floor Ballast Bags. The engineers at Eight.3 measured the cabin area in the majority of V-Drive boats produced in the last 10 years and have come up with 3 different size options to accommodate them: 400lb, 650lb, and 800lb. This extra weight when centered in the mid ship area will increase the hull's displacement providing both a more dense wakeboarding wake and the best wakesurf wave possible when used in conjunction with a surf enhancing system like Malibu's Surf Gate.

**Side Note: We used the 800lb. Floor Bag to help weight a 2014 Malibu 23 LSV for wakesurfing and it worked like a charm with no need for extra bow ballast above the factory tank.

Eight.3 400lb. Floor Ballast Bag: 35L x 35W x 9H

Eight.3 650lb. Floor Ballast Bag: 45L x 45L x 9H

Eight.3 800lb. Floor Ballast Bag: 55L x 45L x 9H

Compatibility: Eight.3 3000GPH Ballast Pump & Eight.3 3700GPH Ballast Pump


Eight.3 Telescope CTN Bow Ballast Bag

Another new and much needed option for this season are the Eight.3 Bow specific bags. Available in a 600lb triangle version and the first of it's kind 950lb trapezoid. The new Eight.3 Telescoping Bow Bags are the best option for quickly adding ballast to the front of your boat when time is of the essence. We like the smaller 650 pound bag for traditional/triangle style bows of and the 950 pound bag for trapezoid shaped pickle fork bows. Don't underestimate the importance of bow ballast when you are trying to build the optimal wake for wakeboarding or wave for wakesurfing.

Eight.3 600lb. Telescope CTN Bow Ballast Bag: 54L x 27W x 9H

Eight.3 950lb. Telescope CTN Bow Ballast Bag: 54L x 54W rear / 27W front x 9H

Compatibility: Eight.3 3000GPH Ballast Pump & Eight.3 3700GPH Ballast Pump

Shop for Eight.3 Ballast»

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<![CDATA[Outlet Sale | Extra 10% Off All Outlet Items]]> Boat Show Outlet Sale

Get boat show pricing without leaving the comfort of your home.

Not able to make to your local boat show? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our digital boat show sale going on today through Monday. You can forget about haggling for an extra ten dollars off a ballast bag and get straight to the savings.

*No coupon code necessary. Sale runs from 1/16/15-1/19/15.

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<![CDATA[WakeMAKERS Holiday Gift Guide and Shipping Cutoffs]]> WakeMAKERS Holiday Gift Guide and Shipping Cutoffs

WakeMAKERS Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays can be a hectic time for everyone, which is why we want to make your life easier with our Holiday Gift Guide.

Each item in the guide is hand-picked by our team of product experts, so you can feel confident that the gift you choose will make someone very happy.

Find The Perfect Gift >>

Holiday Shipping Cutoff

Shipping Schedule

December 17th* is the last day for guaranteed delivery to the lower 48 via FedEx Ground.

December 19th* is the last day for guaranteed delivery via FedEx 3 Business Day Shipping.

December 21st* is the last day for guaranteed delivery via FedEx 2 Business Day Shipping.

*Our cutoff for processing orders the same day is 2PM PST. Orders placed after 2PM will go out the next business day.

WakeMAKERS Holiday Hours

Our employees work hard all year round which is why we like to close down our operations during the holiday's, so they can enjoy time with their friends and family. Because of that, our offices will be closed on December 24-28th and the 31-4th of January. We will return to our normal shipping and customer service hours on January 5th.

If you have any questions about our holiday schedule, please don't hesitate to contact us. We hope your holidays are safe and merry!

2014-12-10T19:41:18+00:00 Jake
<![CDATA[WakeMAKERS product available at the WakeWorld Holiday Auctions]]> WakeWorld Holiday AuctionsWakeWorld Holiday Auctions

We've been lucky enough to participate in the annual WakeWorld Holiday Auction that benefits underpriveleged kids for the past few years. It's been an awesome experience and we are excited to help Dave and the rest of the crew at WakeWorld raise funds once again for those in need.

Normally, all the profits made from the fundraiser go to the Toys 4 Tots program. This year they've decided to split the profits equally between Brad Smeele, Matt Manzari and the Toys 4 Tots Foundation. Brad Smeele, a pro rider for Ronix, severely injured his spine in a wakeboarding accident and Matt Manzari was electrocuted and suffered severe burns. Both Smeele and Manzari have extensive medical bills and their road to recovery will likely be a long one.

Auctions will run from 12/2 until 12/9 and we would highly encourage you to take a look at them and help support these great causes.

WakeWorld Article about the Holiday Auctions

WakeMAKERS Product available at the Auction

WakeMAKERS Engine Divider Panel Saver Kit - Bid Now>>

Engine Diver Panel Saver










Eight.3 400lb. Ballast Bag and Eight.3 3000GPH Ballast Pump - Bid Now>>










WakeMAKERS Premium Reversible Pump Ballast System - Bid Now>>


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<![CDATA[WakeMAKERS Cyber Monday Sale]]> WakeMAKERS Cyber Monday Sale

WakeMAKERS Cyber Monday Sale

Our Annual Cyber Monday Sale ends at midnight which means you only have a few hours left to get the lowest prices of the year sitewide. As a bonus, we are offering a one time only savings of 25% off our WakeMAKERS Custom Ballast Bags.

Each WakeMAKERS Custom Ballast Bag is handmade in the USA to match your exact specifications. This means you get a bag that fits perfectly, maximizes your wake, and minimizes the amount of space it takes up in your boat.

*Free US Shipping on orders over $99 and Discounted Worldwide Shipping.

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<![CDATA[Engine Divider Panel Saver Kits]]> We are thrilled to announce that our Engine Divider Panel Saver Kit is ready for the boating aftermarket. We've had requests for a solution like this for years and it's really exciting to finally unveil this new premium product for v-drive wakeboard boats.

Anyone that runs additional ballast in the rear locker of their boat knows that bowing and warping are an all too common problem. The solution in the past for boat owners has meant a trip to the hardware store and a not-so OEM look once it's finished. Our new Divider Panel Saver Kit addresses both of those problems. Now you can get a OEM fit and finish without having to leave the comfort of your couch... until the installation.

WakeMAKERS Engine Divider Panel SaverThis kit was developed by our team of in-house engineers and each one is handmade in Bend, Oregon. Built with a thick 6063 aluminum u channel bar and stainless steel hex hardware, these kits are designed to withstand a harsh marine environment. Each 19" bar is precisely cut, finished with radius edges, and then powder coated flat black for a factory appearance. After installation they are virtually invisible, and most people will think they came stock from the factory floor.

*Note: You will need to purchase two kits if you want to upgrade both sides.

Tools Icon


Helpful Tools: 3/16" SAE Hex Head Wrench & 3/8" SAE Drill Bit, Measuring Tape


WakeMAKERS Skill Level Icon


Difficulty Level: Easy


Time Icon


Completion Time: 30 minutes (estimate)


Installation of the Engine Divider Panel Saver Kit is relatively quick and easy. You only need the tools mentioned above to complete the install.

Buy the Engine Divider Panel Saver Kit»

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<![CDATA[2015 Ronix Carbon PowerTail Wakesurf Overview]]> Ronix Carbon PowerTail Wakesurf Board

2015 Ronix Carbon PowerTail Wakesurf Board 

Brand new for 2015, the Carbon PowerTail shape is back with a more responsive layup than last years model. We had the opportunity to test this board at the end of the summer behind a handful of different boats and it excelled well on medium-large wakes. Although we didn't get to test it out on a smaller wake, the speed and wide powertail design should give this board enough push even behind a smaller surf wake.

At first glance, the 2015 graphic really stands out with it's clean lines and sharp carbon wrap. Another difference between the new model and the 2014 carbon board is the concave top deck and lighter weight. Once we hopped on the board it was apparent that this surfer is a completely different animal than the 2014 PowerTail... which we also liked a lot.

We spent most of our testing time on the 4'5" model even though our rider weight range was 170-210 pounds. One common misconception we hear quite often is that bigger riders need a taller board. This isn't entirely true, the surface area of the board is actually the biggest factor besides wake size and push. The wide PowerTail design gives these boards a massive amount of surface area. The 4'5" model has 959 square inches of surface area and the 4'11" board has 1067 inches. By increasing the surface area, Ronix was able to deliver a board that has the float and push of a longboard with the turning and slashing ability of a shorter, thruster style wakesurf board.

2015 Ronix Carbon PowerTail

We ran this board with a few different fin options, but found that a single center fin was the favorite setup for the group. A single 2.9" surf fin placed in the center gave us enough grip to pump in and around the wake without making it feel too "locked-in".

The concave top deck is another new feature for 2015 that's designed to give riders better board control and overall feel. The 16 degree late rocker line is fast and when you combo that with the hard edging rails you get a deck with rail to rail slashing ability that is hard to match. The PowerTail feature gives this board a ton of push for huge airs off the top of the wave. If you want to live above the wake this surfer has everything you need to progress your boat surfing skills to the next level.

Key Technical Features

  • CNC  Core - Handmade by robots
  • Carbon Wrapped
  • Fast, 16 degree rocker line
  • Concave topdeck
  • 3 - 2.9" surf specific fins
  • 3 - 2.3" surf specific fins

Spencer: "The Carbon version of the Power Tail is way lighter and a lot faster allowing me to push myself every time I am behind the boat."

Bryan: "Best all around board for feel, push and speed"

The Bottom Line: This should be on your short list if you want a fast and stable board that has good speed on the face of the wake and excellent airing ability.

Buy the Ronix Carbon PowerTail»

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<![CDATA[6 Reasons Why You NEED A Drysuit For Wakeboarding And Wakesurfing]]> Wakesurfing in a O'Neill Drysuit

Fall is in the air and that means the lakes and waterways are getting less crowded and the water is glass. These are all great, except for one small thing... the water gets cold, really fast. Don't get left at the dock because you weren't prepared for the dropping water temps. Check out the O'Neill Boost and Assault Hybrid Drysuits and get ready to extend your season indefinitely.

1. Being cold is no fun.

Based in the Northwest, we've had our fair share of cold water riding experiences. Cold, wet, and numb isn't the most enjoyable way to spend your day out on the water. The O'Neill Boost and Assault Drysuits keep you warm and comfortable in water and air temperatures as low as 40 degrees.

2. You can ride in your street clothes.

Randall the Vandall Harris is the only rider we know of that can wear street clothes behind the boat and get away with it... up until now. The O'Neill Boost's full baggy shell gives you the option to wear your street clothes underneath. Can anyone say: Lunch break wakesurf sets?

3. You can ride during the winter, while everyone else is dreaming about being on the water.

O'Neill designed both of these drysuits to keep you comfortable in water temperatures that would otherwise be unbearable. Stop re-enacting the Polar Bear Plunge every time you want to take a ride and get back to enjoying your time on the water.

4. You stay completely dry.

The O'Neill Boost's full baggy membrane is 100% waterproof. Aside from a few drops of water coming through a seal during a massive wipeout, this suit will keep you completely dry.

5. They're easier to get in and out of than a wetsuit.

Don't get us wrong. We love a nice stretchy wetsuit, but they can be a huge hassle to get on and off. O'Neill drysuits are simple to put on and quick to take off.

6. You can share it with other riders that are close to your size.

The Boost Drysuit's full baggy shell makes it so that you can fit almost any article of clothing underneath the suit. This also makes each of the Boost sizes versatile enough to fit multiple riders on the boat (assuming they are around the same size).

Shop for O'Neill Drysuits»

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