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  • Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Bob Soven Interview

    Bob Soven WakeMAKERS Interview

    Bob Soven took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about life, shampoo, and his 2014 Pro Model Board from Liquid Force.

    (WM) Where are you right now? And what are your travel plans for Spring 2014?
    (BS) I’m in my rarest of locations…home. I head to Dubai on Saturday then it’s straight into domestic travel.

    Liquid Force BOB Wakeboard 2014

    (WM) Why the 5-stage rocker on your 2014 BOB and BOB Hybrid? What are the main advantages of a 5-stage rocker compared to a 3-stage or continuous board?
    (BS) The 5-stage rocker allows us to put more rocker into the board without having the abrupt 3-stage feel. The B.O.B. goes P.O.P. !

    (WM) What do you like about your Open-Toe’d B One? Most higher end pro model bindings are closed-toe?

    (BS) My open toe binding is actually based off of closed toe technology; allowing your toes to help control your edge. So, we took that philosophy and ran with it. Cutting off the front part of a closed toe binding and adding the strap above the toes was the most advantageous route for increasing toe control. I like to call it the open closed toe.

    Liquid Force B-One Wakeboard Bindings 2014

    (WM) Who’s the funniest pro wakeboarder you’ve ever taken a trip with?
    (BS) James Balzer. Hands down, the man is outrageous.

    (WM) Shampoo or Shampoo and Conditioner?
    (BS) If hygiene and dandruff weren’t a factor, I would only use conditioner. It does wonders for my curls.  

    (WM) Is risky dancing still a priority for you?
    (BS) Ha. Not at all, sorry guys.

    (WM) Now that you’ve become a ROTY, how do you top that?
    (BS) I don’t, I just ride this out.

    (WM) Are you going to ride more boat or cable this year? Do you see wakeboarding going in the direction of obstacles and cable and further away from boat riding? if so, why?
     (BS) I see both aspects of the sport sticking it out for the long haul. I don’t necessarily prioritize or separate my boat and cable riding; it’s all just wakeboarding to me.

    (WM) What’s your power animal?
    (BS) Solar Bear

    (WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Flavor?
    (BS) OG baby!

    (WM) Any Shoutouts?
    (BS) Topanga!!!!!!!



  • Tech Tuesday #16: Wakeboard Ballast Systems Explained

    Tech Tuesday: Ballast Pumps Explained

    Wakeboard ballast is defined as the storage of mass within a boat to displace the hull deeper in the water which in turn changes both the wake size and shape. There are two common designs for a wakeboard boat ballast system depending on what type of pumps are used.

    The aerator pump system is the first and still most common ballast system used. An aerator pump only pushes water in one direction. This system is configured so that one pump will fill the tank from the top port and another separate pump will be used to drain the tank from a bottom port. This design has the fastest fill and drain times, is the least expensive, but does require more space for the additional hose lengths needed to work correctly.

    The second ballast system design relies on a flexible impeller driven pump. The flexible impeller pumps are reversible meaning one pump can both fill and drain through the same bottom port in the ballast tank. This system is usually more expensive but is easier to install and takes up less space. This system's on off switch can be controlled by a timer that will shut off the pump when the tank is both full or empty. The impeller pump ballast system is truly automatic in this respect.

    Aerator Pumps: Quieter, Longer Lasting, Less Energy ConsumptionAttwood Tsunami 1200 GPH

    The aerator ballast pump (Example: Attwood Tsunami, Shurflo Piranha, Rule Livewell) was initially developed to fill livewell tanks in fishing boats. When wakeboarding became popular and riders were looking to enhance their wake size, the livewell pumps were found to work really well to fill portable ballast bags. Boat manufacturers saw this and began integrating the pumps into their boats to fill strategically placed hard plastic tanks.

    The aerator pump is flow-through and works by propelling or pushing the water at a faster velocity in one direction. This means when the pump is off it does not act as a check valve allowing water to travel either direction unrestricted. When the pump is turned on water in the inlet is accelerated through the pump to the outlet. Aerator pumps are not self priming and need to be mounted below the waterline in the hull to maintain a consistent supply of water. If the water supply is limited the pump can lose prime and will air lock. No damage will be caused by running the pump dry since an aerator pump uses a hard impeller and is not water lubricated.

    Aerator Pump System Design: (
    Aerator Pump Ballast System Diagram)
    Water Source
    We DO NOT recommend using the engine’s raw water intake as the source of water for the ballast system. The risk of damage to the engine is not worth the small amount of convenience during the installation.

    Aerator Ballast Pump SchematicThe number of pumps that will be using a single water intake will determine the correct size of the bronze thru-hull fitting. When only suppling water to a single pump a 3/4” or 1” thru-hull intake will be sufficient. If the water needs to be distributed to more than one pump the intake should be at a minimum of 1” and should probably be 1-1/4” to 1-1/2”. Once the intake comes through the hull into the boat a bronze ball valved must be placed on top as an emergency shut off. If the intake is suppling a single pump it can be connected directly to the ball valve. When using multiple pumps the intake will need to feed water into a manifold that can be shared by the fill pumps for a continuous water supply. (NOTE: All pumps must be below the water level.) The more pumps that are connected the larger the manifold will need to be but a good rule of thumb is to construct it with the same size fittings as the thru-hull intake. The fill lines should be run to the ballast bag in the least restrictive route possible to avoid tight radiuses that could crush or kink the hose. Before the fill hose is connected to the sac a Vented Loop Anti Syphon Valve must be added in line. This valve prevents passive filling and draining by eliminating the vacuum in the system. (NOTE: This fitting needs to be mounted higher than the intake of the ballast bag when the bag is completely full.) The fill line will then need to be connected to a top port on the ballast bag.

    Vent / Overflow
    The second fitting that will be used on top of the ballast bag is for the vent or overflow connection. This is a necessary part of the ballast system because without it the bag will either trap air and not fill to capacity or grow larger than the compartment and potentially cause damage. By adding a vent the soft structured bag will only grow as large as the confines that it is given. The bag will also discharge when full alerting the driver to turn the pump off. The vent hose needs to be routed above the sac and the thru-hull fitting needs to be at a level that is higher than the bag fitting when it is filled completely. (NOTE: Installing the thru-hull fitting as far forward toward the bow will ensure that the bag does not drain when wakesurfing since the boat is heavily weighted on one side.)

    The drain port on any ballast bag is always at the end on the bottom. The drain pump must be at or below the bag's port to ensure that gravity will do the job of keeping the pump primed. The proximity of the pump is also a huge factor in how well the system will drain. If the pump is close to the water source and primed at all times the chances of an air lock are less likely. The hose connected to the outlet on the drain pump must run up beyond the height of the ballast bag just like the vent line. It is also advised to loop the hose before connecting it to the thru-hull fitting to ensure that the bag does not drain due to the force of water pressure from a full ballast bag.

    Flexible Impeller Pumps: Reversible, Built In Check Valve, Easy InstallationJabsco Ballast Puppy Pump

    The flexible impeller pump has been used for bilge pumping, livewell circulation, washdown systems and general fluid pumping. The first ballast application using the flexible impeller pump was by MasterCraft when they started using the Jabsco Water Puppy pump to fill and drain ballast bags in their wakeboard boats. Jabsco worked closely with MasterCraft to develop the Jabsco Ballast Puppy Pump and has since emerged has the leading supplier in the industry. The simplicity of the pump is what makes it so appealing. Being able to use the same port to both fill and drain is very convenient.

    Unlike the aerator pump a flexible impeller pump is self priming meaning it does not need to be mounted below the water line as it will actually pull water into the system from the thru-hull inlet fitting. This also means the pump will act as a check valve and will not allow water to flow in or out. The impeller is water lubricated so running dry will damage the impeller if not the entire pump. The chance of “run dry” can be almost eliminated by installing an ballast pump timer. Another option is to design a system with a visual and audible indication of when the bag is draining. The best rule to keep in mind is that when the pump is not circulating water be sure to turn it off.

    Flexible Impeller Pump System Design: (
    Reversible Ballast Pump System Diagram)
    Water Source / Draining
    We DO NOT recommend using the engine’s raw water intake as the source of water for the ballast system. The risk of damage to the engine is not worth the small amount of convenience during the installation.

    The suction that a flexible impeller pump has can create issues if the water intake is shared. By using a 1” bronze thru-hull fitting the pump will have a sufficient source of water. Immediately after the thru-hull intake fitting install a brass ball valve as an emergency shut-off point to allow you to immediately stop the flow of water into the boat if something goes wrong. On top of the ball valve add a 1” hose barb fitting. (NOTE: Using 1” ballast hose throughout the system is preferred and will make later steps easier.) The fill lines should be run toward the ballast bag in the least restrictive route possible to avoid tight radius's that could crush or kink the hose. To implement a system that drains above the water line install (Visual and audible indication of draining) a check valve or non return valve inline to prevent water from draining back through the intake and out the bottom of the boat. Next to this check valve a tee fitting is needed to redirect the flow of water out the thru-hull fitting when the bag is being drained. One of the two unused barbs on the tee will be need to be connected to the flexible impeller pump via a stretch of 1” oem ballast hose. The hose should slide over the inlet on the pump as most are 1” barbs. The other end of the pump will need to be connected to the port on bottom end of the ballast bag. The pump will fill and drain from the bottom part. Proximity between the pump and the bag is not crucial. The last remaining barb on the tee fitting will be for the drain. Run this hose to a thru-hull fitting above where the bag will be when at its capacity.

    Vent / Overflow
    The only port that will be used on top of the ballast bag is for the vent or overflow connection. This is a necessary part of the ballast system because without it the bag will either trap air and not fill to capacity or grow larger than the compartment and potentially cause damage. By adding a vent the soft structured bag will only grow as large as the confines that it is given. The bag will also discharge when full alerting the driver to turn the pump off. The vent hose needs to be routed above the sac and the thru-hull fitting needs to be at a level that is higher than the bag fitting when it is filled completely. (NOTE: Installing the thru-hull fitting as far forward toward the bow will ensure that the bag does not drain when wakesurfing since the boat is heavily weighted on one side.)

    What type of ballast system do I want?
    Most riders want to match what was available from the factory when the boat was new or when the manufacturer integrated a ballast system. That concept has always been the best option in our opinion. If there is already a ballast system in the boat it is best to match what the manufacturer had in mind to ensure the entire system functions and looks like it was installed by the factory. Having an entire system that functions the same will also make trouble shooting any issues that arise much easier. If the system that is already installed is not working properly let us help you find the best solution to resolve the issues.

    The aerator pump ballast system is the best option for most riders because of its fast speed and low cost. If there is not enough room in the boat to add the vented hose loop fittings and vent lines above the bag this system is not a good choice.Complete Impeller Pump Ballast System

    We recommend the flexible impeller reversible pump ballast system for riders that need to fill and drain through the bottom of the boat because of regulations or if they don't have enough room to implement the aerator pump system. When adding an additional stand alone system on top of a existing factory ballast system the flexible impeller pump system will have the best results with the least amount of hassle.

  • MasterCraft NXT20 Funny Video

    Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed below are random and come from a thirst for fun and adventure that no office can provide on a Friday afternoon.

    This shoot looked like a blast. Must be nice to hang out at Lake Ronix for an afternoon of fun. Who would be the best company to work for while producing this NXT20 edit? I think Tom Czarnowski at Nemo Designs has a pretty good gig but you can't beat the sheer number of days, MasterCraft's, Josh Shave has on the water. We might have to give it to Tom since he lives in beautiful, Portland Oregon. I am not downplaying how rad the state of Tennessee is, but it's still not Oregon.

    This marketing piece for the new NTX20 does showcase the talents of Mr. Travis Pastrana and Mr. Parks Bonifay. I guess if I had Jeff Tremaine giving me direction I would be on my A game as well.

    Shop MasterCraft Ballast Upgrades


  • Should I Upgrade My Factory Prop For Wakesurfing?

    "Should I upgrade my Factory Prop for Wakesurfing?"  We hear this question a lot and think it's something worth discussing more in depth. The short answer is usually YES. The long answer is a bit more technical... Keep reading to hear the reasons why you should think about upgrading your Prop for wakesurfing.

    Most V-Drive Boats come from the factory with a standard Prop. If you are spending a lot of your time wakesurfing with additional ballast you will want to look at upgrading your prop. Both ACME and OJ make props for all of the major brands like Malibu, Mastercraft, Nautique, Supra, Moomba, MB Sports, Centurion, Tige and more. Our easy to use Prop Finder Guide gives you three different options for each boat model. We break down the most popular options available for your boat by listing the suggested prop for Recreational Riding, Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing, and for High Elevation/Heavily Weighted Boats.

    Having the right propeller for your boat and application (wakesurfing in this case) is important because it can increase your fuel efficiency, maximize engine life and improve the overall performance and handling of your boat.

    Making the switch from an old Prop to a new Upgraded Prop that's designed for your boat and the increased weight that's necessary when wakesurfing will make a noticeable difference. A lot of our customers are shocked at how much better their "old" boat performs once they've switched out the prop.

    Upgrading your Prop has it's benefits

    • Increased Fuel Efficiency
    • Helps to Maximize Engine Life
    • Improves Handling
    • Minimizes Speed Fluctuations and Vibrations

    Now that we've told you WHY upgrading your Prop for Wakesurfing is important we will go over what tools you need to make the switch.

    Prop Puller Kits

    We recommend spending a few extras dollars and buying one of the Weekend Saver Kits. You save some additional money by bundling the items and you have everything you need in order to change your prop.

    Click here to watch our video on removing an Inboard Propeller.

    ACME Props

    OJ Props

  • Free 2-Day Shipping On All Orders Over $99

    Free 2-Day Shipping

    Bend, OR – June 4th, 2014– WakeMAKERS, an industry leading eCommerce watersports retailer is excited to announce FREE 2-Day shipping for all orders over $99 in the USA starting on June 4th.

    Since their launch in 2008, WakeMAKERS has grown into the largest retailer of ballast equipment and propellers in the nation. Now customers have the most competitive shipping in the watersports industry and the unmatched expertise that WakeMAKERS has to offer.

    “Our goal from day one was to be advocates for our customers and we feel that by offering free 2-day shipping to everyone in the states, we’re adding convenience, value and helping foster that relationship.” said the Sales Director for WakeMAKERS.com, Spencer Welch.

    “This move will help us reach our customers on the East Coast in a more timely manner,” said Welch. “Especially during the peak summer months when they need their products as soon as possible.”

    About WakeMAKERS.com

    With over 30 years of collective experience, WakeMAKERS has built a reputation of helping customers have more fun behind their boats with a combination of knowledge and an unmatched product selection. Dedicated to their goal of “making sure you’re having as much fun as possible when on the water”, WakeMAKERS is located in Bend, Oregon and serves customers on the web at WakeMAKERS.com.



  • New Product Release: 2014 Slingshot Wakesurf Boards

    2014 Slingshot Wakesurf Boards arrived just in time to kick of the summer season. The latest addition to our wakesurf lineup features shapes and technology borrowed from our ocean-riding counterparts. The T-Rex has a flat nose design, the SP rides like a Mini Longboard, and the Skim Bender is a blast to learn tricks on. 

    One of the great thing about the Slingshot line is that all 3 of their boards are versatile and recommended for Beginner-Advanced riders. You no longer have to buy multiple boards for your boat... unless, of course, you want to. 

    2014 Slingshot T-Rex

    Slingshot Trex Wakesurf Board

    Another new shape for 2014, the T-Rex is a crowd pleaser. The snub nose design is a progressive shape borrowed from the world of ocean surfing... so why not bring it to the lakes and rivers? The flat nose gives you the best of both world: the carvability of a shortboard with the speed and buoyancy of a longer board. This means you don't have to work so hard to stay in the pocket and maintain speed.

    Board Style/Construction- Surf Style/Epoxy Fiberglass

    Push- 7/10

    Fins- 5 fin setup: 4x 3.625" and 1x 3.8". FCS compatible fin boxes

    Sizing- 4'7" 75lbs. to 200lbs. and 5'0" 100lbs. to 225lbs.


     2014 Slingshot SP

    Slingshot SP Wakesurf Board
    The Slingshot SP is a timeless shape that offers the stability of a longboard with the agility and performance of something much shorter. If you are looking for one board to cover almost everyone on the boat, the Space Pickle is a great option. This shape looks similar to a mini-mal longboard you would see cruising around your local surf break. We would especially recommend it for boats with a smaller wake.

    Board Style/Construction- Surf Style/Epoxy Fiberglass

    Push- 8/10

    Fins- 4

    Sizing- 4'6", 5'0", 5'6"


     2014 Slingshot Skim Bender

    Slingshot Skim Bender Wakesurf Board
    New for 2014, the Skim Bender was designed to cover another aspect of wakesurfing: skim-style riding. Team Rider, Jeff McKee suggests the Skim Bender for younger riders learning the ropes because of its lower volume. It's also a great option for skim style riders looking for something to progress on and learn new tricks.

    Board Style/Construction- Skim Style/Epoxy Fiberglass

    Push- 6/10

    Fins- 3 removable fins | 2" symmetrical fiberglass fins

    Sizing- 52" 75lbs. to 225lbs.  and 56" 100lbs. to 250lbs.


    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/wakesurf-boards?manufacturer=1060]Shop for Slingshot Wakesurf Boards»[/button]
  • Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Tom Fooshee

    (WakeMAKERS) What’s the funniest mispronunciation of your last name?

    (Tom Fooshee) This one happens a lot and usually from a telemarketer. They will call and ask for Tom “Sushea”. Almost like a different way to say sushi. It never gets old.

    (WM) Best contest you’ve ever been a part of and why?

    (TF) I would have to say one of two events. First being Cablestock because of  how much involvement I have with that event. Seeing it go from discussions at a conference table to what it is, is really rad. The other would be Wake Open. Pat Panakos and crew put in a ridiculous amount of work for us riders to have a great time. Plus all the media exposure that goes into it also helps. They are both incredible events!

    Buy the 2014 Liquid Force Super Trip(WM) You switched over from the LF Tex in 2013 to the LF Super Trip in 2014. What are the biggest differences between those boards? Do you use it strictly for cable or are we going to see you riding behind your Axis on the Super Trip?

    (TF) I have been riding the Liquid Force Fusion behind the boat, but I do often mix it up and ride the Liquid Force Super Trip behind the boat too. It is the best flex board out for both boat and cable. The trip was such a long time hit and the modern day version of it will have the same effect regardless of where you take it.

    (WM) What Liquid Force Bindings are you rocking this season? What’s your favorite part about them?

    (TF) The Vantage Closed Toe. This binding has the perfect level of flex and maneuverability to it without sacrificing support and function. Of course my favorite part is the Velcro. We have our bindings so dialed in right now. The Velcro never wears down, its quick and easy and I still have yet to break a pair of bindings.Buy the Liquid Force Vantage CT Wakeboard Bindings

    (WM) How would you describe the 2014 Liquid Force Super Trip in one sentence?

    (TF) The most ridiculously awesome flex board that is easy to ride for all skill levels and can perform amazing presses on the cable while providing great pop behind the boat with soft landings everywhere you boast in the air.

    (WM) What’s the current ballast setup like on your Axis A22? What bags and where do you have them placed?

    (TF) I have the plug and play system courtesy of Straight Line products. So on top of the factory ballast I have two 750’s in each rear compartment, an additional 950 arrow shaped bag that goes through the bow and into the nose which all of that is plumed in. That is an option you can get on any Axis boat. On top of all of that I have a 650 on top of the seats in the nose and a 750 on the floor. So totaling around 5000lbs of ballast and it plains off no problem. Shocking part is that is with the stock base motor. Loving it!

    Shop Axis Wake Factory Ballast Upgrades>>

    (WM) Do you ever use the Surf Gate? If so, what’s your favorite Liquid Force Wakesurfer?

    (TF) I do have surfgate on my 2013 Liquid Force Edition Axis A22 and it has totally revolutionized what this boat can do. Most wakeboard specific boats don’t have the best surf wake, but the Axis A series boats with surfgate make an monstrous surf wave that is very long. It definitely gets used on the weekends when I am at home and the lake is busy. Surfgate is one of the best inventions to ever happen to boats!

    (WM) How do you see wakeboarding progressing over the next few years?

    (TF) We are really on the right track with it right now. Most cable parks being built right now (usually by Sesitec) in the USA are made with the rider in mind. Cable is one portion of the progression of wakeboarding with that you can do with a Sesitec full size system and of course with a system 2.0 too. Unit parktech features are really helping progress with in lake pools, handrails and boosty kickers that are very cable park friendly. That is one direction that the sport will continue to progress in, but the other is what wakes have now become behind the boat. Axis for one has an A24 that is the largest wake I have yet to hit. Bigger boats and larger wakes are really chiming in on what can be done on a wakeboard. Thanks to Axis, riders can actually afford a boat that can produce a wake of this size without hurting your wallet.

    (WM) Who has the best style in Cable wakeboarding right now?

    (TF) Easy does it, Daniel Grant! The kid is unreal! If you follow wake and you haven’t heard of him, then you are living under a rock, so get out and get to a park now!

    Read our Daniel Grant interview>>

    (WM) What young gun should we be looking out for on the tour this season?

    (TF) Even though Daniel is still the youngest gun on the park scene, I am going to throw a different name out there as he is more of a rookie then Daniel. Aaron Gunn came onto the scene this year crushing it! The kid is young and fearless. You will definitely be seeing this name many more times across podiums and photos in the mag.

    (WM) You’ve won a lot of contests, championships and a ROTY so far in your career. Which one stands out as the best?

    (TF) Definitely it being getting AllianceWake Rider of the Year in 2010. This in particular to me is the most coveted award you can be given in wakeboarding. This is something that you don’t get recognized for because you killed it in a contest or are a really good rider in one aspect of riding, this is an award that recognizes you as making the most impact in the sport that year along with progressing the sport and while helping improve the industry in general.

    Tom-Fooshee-Interview Tom getting ready to take the 2014 Liquid Force Fusion for a spin behind an Axis.

    (WM) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    (TF) Hopefully still working in the industry. If I am not riding, then I better be repping Liquid Force, improving Texas Ski Ranch as an employee and anything I can to help produce more cable parks and boat sales in the US.

    (WM) What’s your power animal?

    (TF) I’m going to go with a giraffe, I would love to know how it feels to be tall.

    (WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Drink flavor?

    (TF) Rehab pink lemonade! If you like pink lemonade then this is even better. The best before a shred!

    (WM) Any shoutouts?

    (TF) Of course! Aaron Grace, Tony Finn, Don Wallace, Matt Gleason, Jimmy Redmon and the entire crew at Liquid Force. Everyone at Monster Energy and SPY for all you do for wake and myself, Blake Hess and Paul Bialick at Texas Ski Ranch, Nico and Christen von Lerchenfeld at Sesitec, Lani Farmer, Jack Springer and Bryant Thomas at Malibu/Axis, and Johannes and Stefan at Unit Parktech. Thank you all guys for allowing me to live the dream!

    (WM) Where can we find you online?

    Instagram is the best in my opinion, find me there at @TomFooshee


    Twitter: @TomFooshee

  • Tech Tuesday #15: 2014 Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Bindings

    Tech Tuesday Harley Clifford Binding

    With Harley fresh off his win at the Mastercraft Pro Tour stop in Acworth, GA, we thought it would be the perfect time to give more information about his pro model wakeboard bindings from Liquid Force. Welcome to Tech Tuesday, Harley Clifford style!

    Endorsed by the most consistent boat rider in the world, the 2014 Harley is back and LIGHTER than last years best-selling binding. We are super stoked about Harley's 2014 setup from Liquid Force because it blends value and performance. The bindings themselves retail for $379.99 but when you package it with the Harley wakeboard you save almost $200. In a world of ever-increasing prices the Harley Wakeboard Package is a breath of fresh air. Enough about the pricing, lets dive a little deeper into what makes the Harley Binding so popular year after year.

    Liquid Force created the Harley Binding to fill a need in the pro model wakeboard binding market and give the Aussie sensation his own signature setup. With mid-stiff support and an Impact EVA foam footbed, the Harley is a great binding choice for riders that spend a lot of time behind the boat. The responsive upper and impact foam provide the support you need to go huge behind the boat and with sizes ranging from 4-13+ there's almost a Harley Binding for everyone. The biggest difference between this years model and the 2013 is the overall weight. Liquid Force was able lighten up the 2014 Harley without sacrificing support or build quality.

    Key Techical Specs

    Liquid Force Harley Binding BaseThe Impact EVA footbed is made from a specially designed foam the displaces those high-impact landings that occur when you're riding behind the boat and at the cable park. Heel bruising will quickly become a distant memory.





    Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Binding LacesThe Zonal Lace System makes it easy to get the perfect fit by giving you the option to tighten and loosen "zones" according to the shape and structure of your foot. Two different lace tensioners (one for the lower foot and one for the ankle area) allow you to quickly adjust the the full lacing system.




    2014 Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Binding


    The IPX Chassis gives you amazing board feel and control by placing your feet right next to the deck. Long gone are the days of having 2-3" of foam between your foot and the wakeboard.









    If you have any additional questions about the Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Bindings, please feel free to give us a call at 888-338-6085

    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/liquid-force-harley-wakeboard-bindings.html]Buy the Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Bindings»[/button]



  • Free 2-Day Shipping! Get your gear before Memorial Day Weekend.


    Free 2-Day Shipping 5/19-5/21

    We know Memorial Day Weekend is the official "launch" of boating season for a lot of people in the USA, so we decided to help all those last minute shoppers get their gear in time. All orders over $99 placed today up until Wednesday at 11am PST will be upgraded to 2-day shipping. Make this the best Memorial Day Weekend ever with some new gear for your boat!

    Wakeboard Ballast BagsNothing can ruin a fun weekend on the water faster than a small or washy wake. Drop by our ballast section to upgrade your wakeboarding or wakesurfing wake before the summer hits.
    Shop Ballast>>



    Shop For Wake PropsAnyone who's spent a fair amount of time in the boating world has had a vacation or weekend ruined by a damaged prop. Don't let it happen again!
    Shop Props>>




    Liquid Force Chase Sixer 2014Surf, Skim, Longboard style... we've got them all. Grab a wakesurf board and ride the endless wave behind your boat this summer.
    Shop Wake Gear>>




    Marine Audio SpeakersIf jamming out to your favorite tunes on the water sounds like an ideal summer day, you'll want to check out our large selection of high quality marine audio products from Exile and Skylon Audio.
    Shop Marine Audio>>

  • Tech Tuesday #14 : How to install Flow Rite 1-1/8" fittings into 1" Ballast Hose

    Tech Tuesday Fly High Fittings

    In this weeks edition of Tech Tuesday, Spencer takes us through the basics of inserting a 1-1/8" Flow Rite fitting into 1" Ballast Hose. Most marine bilge related products use 1-1/8" connections and a lot of factory systems come standard with 1" hose. Luckily with a little knowledge and a heat gun, it's quite easy to get the fittings to slide into the marine hose.

    If you would like more information on the Fly High Quick Connect Fittings please read our Fly High Quick Connect Fittings Explained Blog Post.

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