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  • Free 2-Day Shipping! Get your gear before Memorial Day Weekend.


    Free 2-Day Shipping 5/19-5/21

    We know Memorial Day Weekend is the official "launch" of boating season for a lot of people in the USA, so we decided to help all those last minute shoppers get their gear in time. All orders over $99 placed today up until Wednesday at 11am PST will be upgraded to 2-day shipping. Make this the best Memorial Day Weekend ever with some new gear for your boat!

    Wakeboard Ballast BagsNothing can ruin a fun weekend on the water faster than a small or washy wake. Drop by our ballast section to upgrade your wakeboarding or wakesurfing wake before the summer hits.
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    Shop For Wake PropsAnyone who's spent a fair amount of time in the boating world has had a vacation or weekend ruined by a damaged prop. Don't let it happen again!
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    Liquid Force Chase Sixer 2014Surf, Skim, Longboard style... we've got them all. Grab a wakesurf board and ride the endless wave behind your boat this summer.
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    Marine Audio SpeakersIf jamming out to your favorite tunes on the water sounds like an ideal summer day, you'll want to check out our large selection of high quality marine audio products from Exile and Skylon Audio.
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  • Tech Tuesday #14 : How to install Flow Rite 1-1/8" fittings into 1" Ballast Hose

    Tech Tuesday Fly High Fittings

    In this weeks edition of Tech Tuesday, Spencer takes us through the basics of inserting a 1-1/8" Flow Rite fitting into 1" Ballast Hose. Most marine bilge related products use 1-1/8" connections and a lot of factory systems come standard with 1" hose. Luckily with a little knowledge and a heat gun, it's quite easy to get the fittings to slide into the marine hose.

    If you would like more information on the Fly High Quick Connect Fittings please read our Fly High Quick Connect Fittings Explained Blog Post.

  • Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Shane Bonifay Interview


    Shane Bonifay Interview

    Shane Bonifay was nice enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to chat about his new bloodhound, contest schedule, and the 2014 Shane from Liquid Force. Stay tuned for more Rider Reactions Series where we interview Liquid Force Pro Team Members.

    (WakeMAKERS) Where are you right now?

    (Shane Bonifay) At home. Clear Lake, Orlando, Florida on my way to Physical Therapy for my ankle in about 20 mins.

    (WM) Take us through a day-in-the-life of Shane Bonifay circa 2014.

    (SB) Well things can change fast. During the off season it's usually golf with Parks, Marc, Danny or Jimmy and snowboard trips when they can happen but this off season has sucked it's been spent sitting on the couch and going to Physical Therapy for the left ankle.

    When it gets warm, and I'm not traveling, really just trying to ride with who ever is around. I have been riding OWC a lot and if not there riding with Jimmy behind his G23. Also filming and shooting when the light's right and there's a new rail or setup.

    (WM) What contest are you most excited for this year?

    (SB) I am still figuring out the schedule, but I think FISE in France and the Monster Energy Triple Crown should be some really fun ones. Sucks they are not doing Red Bull Wake Open or Wake The Line this year. As of now at least.

    (WM) We heard you got a new dog recently? How’s that going?

    (SB) It's going awesome he's a bloodhound named blood and he's super chill. Still peeing in the house but I've only had him a week or two so he's learning.

    (WM) Who’s a better wakesurfer? You or Parks?

    (SB) I'm not really the competitive type of wakesurfer. More the soul surfing type. I like to sit down on it, do coffins, laybacks and I like to ride switch a lot. Not 3s or shuv it's. So I'd say Parks

    (WM) How would you describe your 2014 Liquid Force Shane Pro Model wakeboard in one sentence?

    (SB) The shape and graphic are a perfect replica to my personality.

    Buy the 2014 Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard
    Buy the 2014 Liquid Force Shane Hybrid Wakeboard here.

    (WM) Are you riding more cable or boat these days?

    (SB) I try to ride 50/50 with both but it's probably a little more cable then boat and I am rarely trying to learn new tricks on the boat. My cable riding excelled so much in the last few years and I really have so much fun doing double flips and the contest are more fun.

    (WM) In your opinion, what year Shane Bonifay pro model had the best graphic?

    (SB) Wow that's tough, I really like this years and the first year I did the subject was cool. The cartoon kid on the street corner of pointless and incomplete.

    I had one done by the guys who do lost surf boards and that is awesome. That's the only one I don't have in the collection

    (WM) Who has the best style in wakeboarding right now?

    (SB) Cable:I think maybe Dominik Hernler
    (SB) Boat: I still think Danny Harf is the smoothest.

    (WM) Here’s a scenario for you. You only have 3 spots left on your boat, who would you take with you for a morning glass session?

    (SB) This is hard because I don't get to ride with a lot of different people and I definitely want to go out on the boat with some of the riders I haven't got to but if it's all about having a good time. Any 3 of this group in no certain order. Danny Harf, Jimmy Lariche, Shawn Watson, Erik Ruck or Parks

    (WM) The most underrated wakeboarder right now?

    (SB) There's a lot out there. So many new up and comers but my roommate Cody Hess is amazing, dropping double mobes and his determination alone is crazy.

    (WM) How’s Orlando treating you? Where are your favorite places to ride in the Orlando area?

    (SB) Well some of the time I am out OWC and if not there probably on Clear Lake. Here in another month Kevin Henshaw's permacation park is going to be done and I think I will be out there most of the time.

    (WM) What’s your power animal?

    (SB) I think it's maybe the bald eagle. I know it's not original but I am pretty f------ patriotic

    (WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Flavor?

    (SB) They have new flavors ever month but right now I like the rehab drinks. And the Sweet Tea and Lemonade flavor of that one

    (WM) Any Shoutouts?

    (SB) All my sponsors: Liquid Force, Monster Energy, Jetpilot, SPY, Pointless

    (WM) Where can we find you online?

    (SB) Hopefully more places this year, last year sucked for me. I didn't make a web edit and most of the filming didn't do go to any use.
    So hopefully on or every other wakeboard website you look at. Like

    Thanks guys for the question and time to answer them. -Shane

  • Tech Tuesday #13: Weighting a Malibu XTi for Wakesurfing

    Weighing a Malibu XTi for Wakesurfing

    The Malibu XTi can be a tricky boat to weight for wakesurfing based on the amount of room we have to work with. We have had many customers that actually produce great wakes behind the direct drive Malibu's so it is possible. The most common setups are to either buy the Fly High V-Drive Sac Set or the Fly High Fat Sac and the Fly High Tube Sac. The sac placement is further explained below. Unfortunately, the XTi does not allow the sacs to be hidden.

    Port Setup

    Fly High Pro X Series V Drive Sac SetOption 1: Fly High V Drive Bag Set - One on the side of the motor compartment and the other rear seat. This will give you around 800lbs. of ballast on the surf side but it will distribute the weight evenly.



    Fly High Pro X Series Tube SacOption 2: Fly High Tube Sac - The best placement is along the side of the motor compartment with a Fly High Fat Sac on the rear seat. You can use the tube sac to support the extra length and this configuration will give you the standard weight distribution for surfing with the majority of weight in the stern of the boat.


    Starboard Setup

    Fly High Pro X Series V Drive Sac SetOption 1: Fly High V Drive Bag Set - One on the rear/side seat and the other in the middle leg room on the floor. Because Malibu has a left hand prop rotation coupled with the extra weight of the driver the starboard side surf wake is usually cleaner with less ballast.



    Fly High Pro X Series Tube SacOption 2: Fly High Tube Sac - Placed in the walk way next to the driver for added mid ship weight with a Fly High Fat Sac on the rear/side seat. This option will produce a tall and long wake for surfing.
    Shop for Wakesurf Ballast»


    Please let us know if you have any more questions or ideas about turning your crossover Malibu into a wakesurf machine. To get in touch with one of our ballast experts call (888)-338-6085  or send us an email

  • Mastercraft NXT Video Series | 50K ALL DAY


    Mastercraft NXT Wakeboard Boat


    The "official" Mastercraft NXT Launch is here. Watch Travis Pastrana, Parks Bonifay, and the frog take the newest boat from Mastercraft through all sorts of highly scientific performance test at Lake Ronix. If this boat comes equipped with all the features shown in this video with a price tag around 50k, we can definitely see this becoming another game-changer from Mastercraft... think X-Star in the early 2000's and the ProStar OB in the 1990's. Our only question is this: When will the NXT 22' and NXT 24' come out?

    Drop by the new NXT micro-site to build your own, and even calculate your monthly payments.

    Once you have your new NXT all picked out,  head over to our Mastercraft Prop Finder to grab an upgrade or spare.

  • New Product Release: O'Neill Slasher Wakeboard Vest

    O'Neill Slasher Comp VestO'Neill Slasher Wakeboard Comp Vest $129.95

    One of the most talked about vests in 2014, the O'Neill Slasher has been making waves in the wake industry all season long. They've been so popular that we haven't been able to keep them in stock and it seems that no one else can either. There's a good reason for that... the Slasher vest is plain awesome! If you've been waiting for a lightweight and flexible front zip vest from O'Neill, the wait is finally over.

    The Slasher is lightweight, buoyant, and quick drying making it a great option for wakeboarding, wakesurfing and waterskiing. The difference between a Slasher or any other O'Neill vest made with Nytrolite Foam and a typical PVC Foam vest is night and day. The front zip design makes putting the Slasher on and taking it off a breeze. When you combine all these features together with O'Neill's signature styling, you get a vest that looks great and feels even better.

    The Slasher has clearly been a team favorite as well with Scott Byerly, Aaron Reed, and Collin Harrington all switching over to the new design.


    Nytrolite Foam Technology

    New for 2014, most of O'Neill's wake vests feature Nytrolite Foam. It's more buoyant, lighter, drier and offers more impact protection than conventional foam found in PFD's. Nytrolite Foam is also available on the redesigned Gooru and Revenge Comp Vest.

    Lets get a little scientific: Nytrolite Foam is constructed from a cross linked polyethylene, which is expanded by Nitrogen... hence the name Nytrolite. It's up to 3x lighter than traditional PVC foam which can make a big difference when you're spending a substantial amount of time on the water. “I couldn’t believe how light these new vests with Nytrolite were.  They practically levitate in mid air!” said Scott Byerly. O'Neill Nytrolite Foam

    Technical Features 

    • Front Zip Design
    • Segmented Foam Core
    • Anatomical Flex Points
    • Strategic Armhole Fit
    • Absorbs 15-20% Less Water Than PVC Foam Vests
    • 3x Lighter Than PVC Foam Vests
    • 100% UltraFlex DS




    O'Neill Men's Wakeboard Vest Sizing

    O'Neill Men's Wakeboard Vest sizing is the same for both USCG Approved and Competition Style Vest like the Slasher.  To obtain the proper vest size, you will need to measure around the widest part of your upper torso, below your arms. *Please note: neoprene does stretch, so 100% accuracy is not necessary. O'Neill Mens Wakeboard Vest Size Chart

  • 2014 MasterCraft NXT Wakeboard Boat Video Showcase

    Sit back, grab your favorite bevy, and spend the next 40 minutes letting Insane Zane tell you all about the new 2014 MasterCraft NXT wakeboard boat. This could be the best boat in the market under $50K. The new automated Gen2'ish surf tabs and factory ballast system will have this hull displaced and leaning.

    There are three factory ballast tanks in the rear port, rear starboard and mid ship area. They all weigh 300lbs. for a total capacity of 900 lbs. Since MasterCraft is getting back to the basics they have done away with reversible ballast pumps and instead are filling and draining the ballast with dedicated aerator pumps. This will provide a boost in flow speed and should have all of the tanks full in less than 3 minutes.

    The engineering and production department at WakeMakers are already developing the NXT Factory Ballast System Upgrade Kit. Their mission is to provide the optimal weight to get the most out of the NXT20 hull.

    Shop MasterCraft Factory Ballast Upgrades

  • Nautique G Series Added to the Prop Finder

    Nautique G21, G23, G25 Prop Finder

    It's been almost two years since Nautique unveiled their latest performance driven boat, the G23. Since then, multiple riders have landed 1080's behind its massive wake and a ton of surf sessions have been enjoyed with the assistance of the Nautique Surf System (NSS). The increase in demand for bigger, better performing boats has helped elevate the G Series to the top of our sport.

    With more Nautique G21's, G23's and G25's cruising the local waterways, we decided it was time to update our Prop Finder to include this boating behemoth.

    ACME 2247 4 Blade Prop2013 Super Air Nautique G23 & G25We recommend the ACME 2247 for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing. We've found that this Prop delivers the best blend of overall performance, fuel economy, and more consistent speeds. The ACME 2315 is our pick for High Elevation and Heavily Weighted Applications.

    *The 2013 Models feature the 1-1/8" shaft, so the prop options are different from the 2014 model boats. 






    ACME 2261 Prop

    For 2014, Nautique expanded the G Series with the addition of a 21' boat. They also started offering multiple engine options (343HP, 409HP, 450HP, and the 550HP) which in turn changed up some of the recommended props. The 2014 boats feature a larger shaft size (upgraded from 1-1/8" in 2013 to 1-1/4" in 2014) and an industry first 17" prop, the ACME 2561.

    We recommend the ACME 2561  Prop for Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing on the 2014  G21's, G23's, and G25's with the 409 or 450 Engine. For High Elevation or Heavily Weighted Applications we recommend the ACME 2569  Prop.

    The 2014 G Series boats with the XR 550 HP Supercharged LSA by PCM require different props for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing and for Heavily Weight and High Elevation Applications. We recommend the ACME 2261 for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing and we recommend the ACME 2309 Prop for High Elevation and Heavily Weighted G-Series Boats.


    Having the right propeller for you boat and application is important because it can increase your fuel efficiency, maximize engine life and improve the overall performance and handling of your boat.  You don't want to ruin a great day on the water by not having a spare prop in case something unfortunate happens to your current one.

    [button url=]Shop for Nautique Props»[/button]





  • Jeff Langley Joins Malibu Boats Pro Wakeboard Team

    Jeff Langley Joins Malibu Boats Pro Team (2014) from Malibu Boats on Vimeo.


    LOUDON, Tenn. – Malibu Boats added wakeboarder Jeff Langley to its pro team of world-class athletes, announced today by CEO Jack Springer. Langley is a highly respected, stylish freerider who was the first to land a mute double roll behind the boat, leading to a surge in popularity for that move on kickers at cable parks worldwide. He also ranked ninth on the King Of Wake series in 2013, proving he is much more than just a freerider.

    “We are always looking for people who have great character and extraordinary talent to represent Malibu as the leading manufacturer of performance towboats,” Springer said. “Not only is Jeff a great representative of the Malibu brand, he’s also a great ambassador for wake sports as a whole and that’s why he is such a great fit within our well established, current team of world-class athletes.”

    “In my opinion, Malibu is the best boat company on the water today,” Langley said. “I have always admired Malibu Boats for their versatility – from hitting double ups, to wakesurfing and just hanging with friends on the water doing what we love. I’ve also respected Malibu’s team riders for a long time, so I’m really inspired to ride with guys like Chad Sharpe, Phil Soven and Brian Grubb. This is going to be an awesome year.”

    For more information please visit the Malibu Boats Website.

    Jeff Langley Signs With Malibu Boats
    Jeff Langley Rides Malibu
    Jeff Langley Wakeboarding
    Jeff Langley Headband

  • Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Daniel Grant Interview

    Daniel Grant Rider Reactions Series

    Daniel Grant took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about life, gaming, and his favorite Cable Park. He may not be able to drive a car yet, but he's already one of the most talented riders on the planet. Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a Liquid Force Mesh Wet Bag, T-Shirt, and Sticker Pack below.

    (WakeMAKERS) Do you have your drivers license yet?

    (Daniel Grant) No, have to be 18 in Thailand :( .

    (WM) How many air miles have you put in this year?

    (DG) Just checked my Tripit account, it's only February, so not much, 26,000, but I am in Australia and Europe in the next month. Since I started travelling for wakeboarding, (4 years), I have done 44 trips, 638 days, 640,000kms, 87 cities, 25 countries.

    (WM) When did you start wakeboarding?

    (DG) About 8 years ago, I was 8 years old.

    (WM) Wakeskating or Wakeboarding? You can only pick one, Daniel.

    (DG) I cannot pick one. Sometimes I just wakeskate for weeks on end, then get bored so turn to the wakeboard. Or Vice Versa. I would like to win a stop on The Wakeskate Tour though.

    (WM) Bangkok or Phuket?

    (DG) Is that a question? Bangkok of course.

    (WM) Take us through a typical day in the life of Daniel Grant.

    (DG) When home, wake up, grab my motorbike and head to TWP (Thai Wake Park), ride, chill, skateboard, eat, ride. A couple of days a week, I will head to the city, go to the Flow House to ride, skate a bit in the city and hook up with my friends. If it’s a good night, then more chilled the next day (We can game through the night) If I am travelling, which is pretty much 1⁄2 the year, it really depends where I am, but pretty much the same stuff.

    Buy the 2014 Liquid Force Super Trip(WM) What’s your current cable park wakeboard setup? We’ve seen you riding the FLX and Deluxe this year.

    (DG) Since Expo I started on the Liquid Force Super Trip but at the moment with the Liquid Force Deluxe and riding my pro model Deluxe Limited. My full pro-model will be released this year, it will use the TAO name same as my wakeskate (Thai meaning is Turtle) It’s going be something really special ;) 

    (WM) What’s your favorite cable park contest?

    (DG) Definitely King Of Kicker at Thai Wake Park. The competition format is always a bit different every year. We take the good parts of WWA formats but always play around with new ideas. There’s always something special happens in the event.

    (WM) What’s your favorite cable park to ride at in the States and what’s your favorite one in the world?

    (DG) I would say TSR (Texas Ski Ranch) in the U.S.A and of course my home cable, Thai Wake Park is the best. Parks have to have a good vibe, and both those places are awesome.

    (WM) Are we going to see you riding at any boat contests in the near future?

    (DG) If you're lucky! Maybe I will try a few wakeskate comps. Lets see.

    (WM) Who has the best style in Wakeboarding right now?

    (DG) You cannot name one, depends on the format and the event. You see the podium positions are always moving around between riders and there are so many riders that are not competition riders. It’s impossible to name one, but I try to progress my riding of a whole bunch of different riders.

    (WM) Who is the most underrated wakeboarder right now?

    (DG) My buddy at TWP, Im San (A.K.A Chow).

    (WM) Who is the most underrated wakeskater right now?

    (DG) I was going to say Clement (Clement Depremonville) but he’s just got voted skater of the year. Right now I would say James Harrington.

    (WM) What’s your power animal?

    (DG) What does that mean?

    (WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Flavor?

    (DG) Monster Energy Javva Coffee, can that be my power animal?

    (WM) Any Shoutouts?

    (DG) For sure, all my sponsors. Liquid Force, Obscura, Monster Energy, Spy Optic, Rip Curl, Thai Wakepark, Razer, Sesitec.

    (WM) Where can we find you online?

    (DG) Yeah my webpage, It links also to my facebook, instagram and twitter page.

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