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Our library of information will answer all of your questions about wakesurfing, so you can have more fun behind the boat.

  • How To Measure Your Hands For Neoprene Gloves

    Neoprene gloves are one of the most important parts of your cold water arsenal. Pair them up with a wetsuit or drysuit and you can extend your season well beyond what you thought was possible.

    Our Neoprene Glove sizing chart is designed to take the guess work out of purchasing O'Neill gloves online. All you need is a piece of string or a cloth tape measure and you can easily find out what size will work best for you.

    Continue reading

  • Tech Tuesday #18: Skylon Wakeboard and Wakesurf Tower Rack Sizing

    Wakeboard Rack Tech Tuesday

    Wakeboard and Wakesurf tower racks are a great option for boaters that want to keep their gear off the seats and floor of their boat. The benefit to having tower racks is twofold. The first benefit is that tower racks free up extra seating and storage space in your boat and the second benefit is that it protects your board from getting damaged by a wayward foot or closing compartment. Continue reading

  • 2014 Slingshot Skim Bender Wakesurf Review

    Our Buyer John Vincent has been in the watersports industry for over 15 years. He's seen wakesurfing pick up steam over the last decade to become the fastest growing aspect of our sport. Here's his review of the 2014 Slingshot Skim Bender Wakesurf Board.

    "Recently we took some of the Slingshot Wakesurf Board's out at Prineville Reservoir in Central Oregon.

    One of the boards I had been excited to try was the Slingshot Skim Bender. I really enjoy the skim style boards and I don't think they get enough credit in the industry. The board I used was the 56" version. I am 5'10" and 155 lbs. and was riding behind a moderately weighted 2004 Malibu Wakesetter VLX. I could have easily ridden the 52", but I wasn't sure what the wake would be like, so I opted for the bigger board.

    Slingshot Skim Bender Wakesurf BoardThe board was easy to keep under your feet for a deep water start and rose out of the water super easy. It was also easy to get up with your feet resting on the top of the board as well if you can't deep water start.

    Now keep in mind that this was my first set of the year. What I noticed immediately was how fast this board is. I could get way back in the wake and instantly generate speed to the platform. I also noticed that if I was aggressive on my edging and carving the board wanted to stuff the nose in the water. i shifted my weight back and as I warmed up this went away. I did wipe out a few times if I didn't concentrate on keeping my weight back.

    Because this board generated so much speed I could stall out on the top of the wake frontside and backside and easily get back in the wave. I could also carve out to the trough and back which you can't do on a lot of boards unless the wake is huge. I rode the board as a tri fin and would have liked the single fin set up, but I like a board that feels loose on the water, so I can rely on the edges. You can ride it as a tri, dual or single fin.

    My overall opinion on the board was that it was fantastic. This board was confidence inspiring because of the speed it generated and definitely made me push my abilities. It put a smile on my face and everyone else that rode it. If I was Slingshot I would add some rocker in the nose for 2015, and some smaller fin options, but I will keep you posted as I will definitely ride this board again and behind a heavily weighted boat."

    Slingshot Skim Bender


    2014 Slingshot Skim Bender 56" Wakesurf Board

    Fin Setup: 3 fins

    Rider Weight: 155lbs.

    Boat:  2004 Malibu VLX

    Ballast Setup: 1x 750 Straight Line Tankbuster Upgrade, Center Factory MLS (Full), 350 Straight Line Big Bag in Bow

    Prop: ACME 2079

    Elevation: 3,200

    Water Temp: 67

    Push:  8/10

    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/slingshot-skim-bender-wakesurf-board.html]Buy The Slingshot Skim Bender»[/button]
  • New Product Release: 2014 Slingshot Wakesurf Boards

    2014 Slingshot Wakesurf Boards arrived just in time to kick of the summer season. The latest addition to our wakesurf lineup features shapes and technology borrowed from our ocean-riding counterparts. The T-Rex has a flat nose design, the SP rides like a Mini Longboard, and the Skim Bender is a blast to learn tricks on. 

    One of the great thing about the Slingshot line is that all 3 of their boards are versatile and recommended for Beginner-Advanced riders. You no longer have to buy multiple boards for your boat... unless, of course, you want to. 

    2014 Slingshot T-Rex

    Slingshot Trex Wakesurf Board

    Another new shape for 2014, the T-Rex is a crowd pleaser. The snub nose design is a progressive shape borrowed from the world of ocean surfing... so why not bring it to the lakes and rivers? The flat nose gives you the best of both world: the carvability of a shortboard with the speed and buoyancy of a longer board. This means you don't have to work so hard to stay in the pocket and maintain speed.

    Board Style/Construction- Surf Style/Epoxy Fiberglass

    Push- 7/10

    Fins- 5 fin setup: 4x 3.625" and 1x 3.8". FCS compatible fin boxes

    Sizing- 4'7" 75lbs. to 200lbs. and 5'0" 100lbs. to 225lbs.


     2014 Slingshot SP

    Slingshot SP Wakesurf Board
    The Slingshot SP is a timeless shape that offers the stability of a longboard with the agility and performance of something much shorter. If you are looking for one board to cover almost everyone on the boat, the Space Pickle is a great option. This shape looks similar to a mini-mal longboard you would see cruising around your local surf break. We would especially recommend it for boats with a smaller wake.

    Board Style/Construction- Surf Style/Epoxy Fiberglass

    Push- 8/10

    Fins- 4

    Sizing- 4'6", 5'0", 5'6"


     2014 Slingshot Skim Bender

    Slingshot Skim Bender Wakesurf Board
    New for 2014, the Skim Bender was designed to cover another aspect of wakesurfing: skim-style riding. Team Rider, Jeff McKee suggests the Skim Bender for younger riders learning the ropes because of its lower volume. It's also a great option for skim style riders looking for something to progress on and learn new tricks.

    Board Style/Construction- Skim Style/Epoxy Fiberglass

    Push- 6/10

    Fins- 3 removable fins | 2" symmetrical fiberglass fins

    Sizing- 52" 75lbs. to 225lbs.  and 56" 100lbs. to 250lbs.


    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/wakesurf-boards?manufacturer=1060]Shop for Slingshot Wakesurf Boards»[/button]
  • New Product Release: O'Neill Slasher Wakeboard Vest

    O'Neill Slasher Comp VestO'Neill Slasher Wakeboard Comp Vest $129.95

    One of the most talked about vests in 2014, the O'Neill Slasher has been making waves in the wake industry all season long. They've been so popular that we haven't been able to keep them in stock and it seems that no one else can either. There's a good reason for that... the Slasher vest is plain awesome! If you've been waiting for a lightweight and flexible front zip vest from O'Neill, the wait is finally over.

    The Slasher is lightweight, buoyant, and quick drying making it a great option for wakeboarding, wakesurfing and waterskiing. The difference between a Slasher or any other O'Neill vest made with Nytrolite Foam and a typical PVC Foam vest is night and day. The front zip design makes putting the Slasher on and taking it off a breeze. When you combine all these features together with O'Neill's signature styling, you get a vest that looks great and feels even better.

    The Slasher has clearly been a team favorite as well with Scott Byerly, Aaron Reed, and Collin Harrington all switching over to the new design.


    Nytrolite Foam Technology

    New for 2014, most of O'Neill's wake vests feature Nytrolite Foam. It's more buoyant, lighter, drier and offers more impact protection than conventional foam found in PFD's. Nytrolite Foam is also available on the redesigned Gooru and Revenge Comp Vest.

    Lets get a little scientific: Nytrolite Foam is constructed from a cross linked polyethylene, which is expanded by Nitrogen... hence the name Nytrolite. It's up to 3x lighter than traditional PVC foam which can make a big difference when you're spending a substantial amount of time on the water. “I couldn’t believe how light these new vests with Nytrolite were.  They practically levitate in mid air!” said Scott Byerly. O'Neill Nytrolite Foam

    Technical Features 

    • Front Zip Design
    • Segmented Foam Core
    • Anatomical Flex Points
    • Strategic Armhole Fit
    • Absorbs 15-20% Less Water Than PVC Foam Vests
    • 3x Lighter Than PVC Foam Vests
    • 100% UltraFlex DS




    O'Neill Men's Wakeboard Vest Sizing

    O'Neill Men's Wakeboard Vest sizing is the same for both USCG Approved and Competition Style Vest like the Slasher.  To obtain the proper vest size, you will need to measure around the widest part of your upper torso, below your arms. *Please note: neoprene does stretch, so 100% accuracy is not necessary. O'Neill Mens Wakeboard Vest Size Chart

  • Tech Tuesday #11 | Buying A Men's Wakeboard Vest Online

    Wakeboard Vest Banner Tech Tuesday

    Buying a wakeboard vest online can seem like a daunting task. With all the different styles and sizes out there it's important to figure out what type of vest you need and what size is the best fit. Our wakeboard vest buying guide is designed to help you find the best fitting vest possible without leaving the comforts of your home.

    How to measure your chest: You want to measure around the widest part of your upper torso with a measuring tape or string. Once you've found out the width of your upper torso you can check out the sizing guides for specific vests. Each wakeboard vest has a built in size chart underneath the product description that will look similar to the image below. Make sure to look at the size chart that correlates with the vest you are interested in purchasing. If you are in between sizes we recommend that you size up.

    *Remember that neoprene vests stretch when it gets wet, so 100% accuracy is not necessary.



    USCG is short for United States Coast Guard Approved. Most states now require USCG vests for watersports activities like wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and water skiing. USCG style vests are available in neoprene and nylon. Neoprene vests are the most popular style because they are more comfortable to wear and they usually offer a better fit.

    Shop USCG Vests>>

    Comp Style

    Competition or Comp Style Vests are lightweight and flexible, but they don't offer you as much float or support as a USCG approved vest. Most states require that you wear a USCG approved vest while you're riding, so you will want to check with your local marine board to see if a Comp style vest is a legal option for wakeboarding or wakesurfing.

    Pullover Style- Pullover vests like the O'Neill Techno and O'Neill Gooru eliminate the need for zippers and buckles. These vests are lightweight and they should fit like a

    Front Zip Style- Front Zip style vests like the O'Neill Women's Gem and Ronix Parks Wakeboard Comp Vest  make putting your vest on and taking it off a breeze.

    Shop Comp Style Vests>>

    Shop for Wakeboard Vests»

    Still have questions regarding wake vest sizing? Feel free to give us a call at (888) 338-6085 or send us an email sales@wakemakers.com

    Click here for a list of PDF Requirements by State.

  • 2014 Ronix Wake Blem Wakesurf Boards

    We just received a limited amount of Blem Ronix Wakesurf Boards on our second order. These boards perform just like factory firsts, but they may have some slight visual blemishes on the finished surface. If you're interested in saving some money on a new wakesurf board check out our selection below. Act fast, because we only have a few available in each size.

    2014-ronix-koal-fish-wakesurf_1Ronix Koal Fish Wakesurf Board-Blem - $494.99

    The Ronix Koal has been the most popular wakesurf board in the line for the last few seasons because of it's versatile shape and design. From beginners just learning how to drop the rope, all the way to seasoned pro's, the Koal Fish is ready for fun. Three removable fins give you the option to ride it with a more "locked-in" feel or remove the two outside fins for a looser and more playful performance behind the boat. If you are looking for a board that will work for almost everyone on your boat, the Koal Fish is the right fit for riding the endless wave behind your boat.





    Ronix Parks Carbon Thruster Wakesurf Board-Blem - $629.99

    Parks Bonifay has been known to hit the salty waterways off the coast of Florida to hang ten. The latest edition of his pro model Wakesurf Board, the Parks Carbon Thruster took some cues from its oceanic brothers. If you want a fast-charging board with almost unlimited fin configurations, this is what you've been looking for all along. The Parks Carbon's lightweight carbon construction and unique rail design give this board the fastest and most reactive ride in the whole Ronix line.





    Ronix One Carbon Skimmer Wakesurf Board-Blem - $584.99

    Always striving to be better, Danny Harf and Ronix went back to the drawing board this off-season and tweaked the design of the One Carbon Skimmer to make it even better. The new skate inspired concaved top deck gives you a better grip and overall feel while you're airing out of the wake and mastering your 360's and shuv-its. We also like the One Carbon because it features a fin box at the tip and tail giving you the ability to ride switch without sacrificing a ton of performance and maneuverability.





    Ronix Koal Power Tail Wakesurf Board -Blem - $521.99

    The Ronix Koal Power Tail is one of our favorite surfers for 2014. We first tested it at Radar Lake  last summer and we were blown away by the performance. The wide tail design makes this short board ride and feel much larger than it actually is. This means that a 200lb. person could easily ride on this board without sacrificing float. An over-sized tail shape also means that the Koal Power Tail is great for people that have a smaller wake.


    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/wakesurf-boards?manufacturer=186]Shop On Sale Ronix Wakesurf Boards»[/button]

  • Tech Tuesday #8: Wakesurf Board Construction Styles Explained

    Tech Tuesday WakeMAKERS

    Wakesurfing has quickly become the fastest growing watersport over the last few years. This explosion has also meant that more and more companies are investing in R&D and coming out with better construction methods and more advanced shapes. All of these different brands, shapes, and construction designs can be confusing if you're not sure how they all work. In todays edition of Tech Tuesday we are going to cover the 3 basic wakesurf construction types. This information should help you make a better informed decision about what type of wakesurf board you should purchase for your riding level and wake size.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to talk with one of our experts at (888) 338-6085 or email us at sales@wakemakers.com.

    Compression Molded

    Designed for riders that are new to the sport or naturally put their boards through more abuse. These boards offer the best value and amazing durability. Compression molding is the same technique that's used to build wakeboards, so it's easy to see why these boards are more durable than a foam and glass surfboard constructed style.

    Beginners usually opt for compression molded boards because they ride a bit slower and are more controlled behind the boat. Compression molded boards are less responsive than surf constructed boards and heavier, so they are generally regarded as a board for beginners to learn on. One of the benefits to buying a compression molded board is the fact that most of these boards fit in a traditional wake or surf rack on your boat. The thicker and more fragile surf style boards typically don't fit in racks or they can easily be damaged in rough water.

    Once you've mastered getting up and surfing without the rope you'll want to progress to a surf constructed board for better performance.

    Liquid Force Fish Rail

    Recommended Compression Molded Wakesurf Boards

    Liquid Force Fish Wakesurf Board $299.99 (Pictured Above)

    Ronix Cortez Wakesurf Board $349.99

    Liquid Force TC Custom Skim Wakesurf Board $499.99

    Epoxy Fiberglass/ Surfboard Construction

    Surf constructed boards are typically made from foam and then glassed over. These boards are similar to what you would see people using for ocean surfing. Surf style boards are faster, lighter, and more fragile than compression molded boards and they're the favorite for intermediate to advanced riders. These surfers have more float and are thicker which can make them too large to fit in a rack. What the boards might lack in durability they more than make up for in performance and speed.

    Surf Constructed boards are generally more expensive than compression molded surfers because they take additional time to build and the materials cost more.

    Ronix Koal Rail

    Recommended Surf Construction Wakesurf Boards

    Ronix Koal Fish Wakesurf Board $549.99 (Pictured Above)

    Liquid Force Custom Fiver Wakesurf Board  $579.99

    Ronix Koal Power Tail Wakesurf Board $579.99

    Hybrid Construction

    The newest construction style for wakesurfing borrows some popular technology from our ocean-bound brethren. If you've ever taken surfing lessons before there's a good chance you've used a board with a softer foam top and a slick base. These boards are durable, easy on the wallet and a great option to add to your wakesurfing quiver.

    Hybrid construction boards blend together multiple construction methods. A good example of this is the Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher because it features a soft foam top and compression molded construction. These boards are great for beginners and kids because it gives them a more forgiving platform to learn on and it can also helps protect the back of your boat in the occurrence that a rider shoots the board into it.

    Ronix Mellow Thrasher Rail

    Recommended Hybrid Construction Wakesurf Boards

    Ronix Marsh "Mellow" Thrasher Wakesurf Board $369.99 (Pictured Above)

    Ronix Women's Marsh "Mellow" Thrasher Wakesurf Board $369.99

  • New Product Release | O'Neill Techno Pullover Comp Vest

    O'Neill Techno Vest

    O'Neill Techno Pullover Comp Vest $144.99

    O'Neill has played a huge role in the progression of wake vests and accessories since the early 90's. This dedication to the sport we all love and their endless pursuit of finding better technology, materials, and innovative designs has put them at the forefront of the industry. If you're looking at purchasing a vest for the first time or upgrading your current one, we would highly recommend looking at O'Neill. If all the new technology, color ways, and designs aren't enough of a selling point the Limited 1-Year Warranty* should be.

    The Techno Pullover Comp Vest from O'Neill is one of our favorite choices for riders that like a flexible pullover-style vest with an ample amount of float. We use it for wakesurfing because it's lightweight and it offers us the mobility we need to toss buckets behind the boat. With a laundry list of features, the Techno lives up to its name as one of the most technical (no pun intended) and lightweight vests in the 2014 O'Neill Line. The zipperless and buckle free design is perfect for minimalists that still want some floatation while they're riding. The fit and feel is similar to the O'Neill Gooru, but we've found that the Techno has a tighter segmentation of internal foam which will hold its structure better overtime. The reversible design gives you the option to sport two different colors; somedays you're feeling gray and other days black is the way to go. We also have the Techno available in Deep Sea/Dark Red.

    O'Neill Techno Butter Neoprene

    What is TechnoButter?

    TechnoButter neoprene is the latest neoprene technology to come out of the O'Neill lab. This super stretch neoprene is 20% lighter and it has 30% less water absorption with quick drying properties. It's also buttery soft for long-lasting comfort on the water.

    The Techno is trusted by Scott Byerly and some of the world's best wakeboarders, surfers, and wakeskaters. You can rest assured that Byerly and the rest of the O'Neill global team have put this product through the ringer.

    Technical Features:

    • Zipperless and Bucklefree
    • Pull Over Design
    • Reversible
    • Segmented Foam Core
    • Anatomical Flex Points
    • Strategic Armhole Size
    • Boardshort Connector

    We are pretty excited about the latest addition to our wakeboard & wakesurf vest line. For more information on the O'Neill Techno or to purchase one drop by our O'Neill Brand Page.

    *All O'Neill vests come with a Limited 1-Year Warranty that covers any issues with materials or workmanship.

    O'Neill Men's Vest Sizing ChartO'Neill Men's Wakeboard Vest Sizing Both Men's O'Neill USCG Approved and Competition vests share the same sizing table for an easier wakeboard vest shopping experience. All men's vests are sized by chest. Obtain the chest size measurement by determining the circumference of the widest part of your upper torso, below the arms. Remember that neoprene does stretch so 100% accuracy is not totally necessary.

  • Tech Tuesday #1: O'Neill Boost Drysuit Technical Overview

    Welcome to our first official Tech Tuesday! Each week we will choose one question from a customer and post the answer on our blog. You can join in on the action by emailing your technical questions to sales@wakemakers.com with the subject: Tech Tuesday, or hit us up on social media with the hashtag #WMTechTuesday.

    O'Neill Boost Drysuit Technical Overview

    The O'Neill Boost is by far the most popular cold-water wetsuit or drysuit we stock at our warehouse. The versatility and warmth make the Boost popular among wakeboarders, kiteboarders, and water skiers. We get a lot of questions from customers asking about the difference between the O'Neill Boost and some of the cheaper competitors suits. Here's our in depth answer as to why the O'Neill Boost can't be matched in terms of value and performance.

    3-Layer Nylon Shell O'Neill Boost

    Nylon Shell

    The Boost is made with a 3-layer breathable nylon shell that is abrasion resistant and extremely durable. The fit is similar to that of a jumpsuit or baggy pants and jacket. This added room gives you great mobility, a comfortable fit and lots of room for layering clothes.

    • Lightweight, Breathable Nylon Membrane
    • Completely Waterproof
    • Baggy Fit






    O'Neill Boost Fully Taped Seams

    Fully Taped Seams

    O'Neill goes the extra step and fully tapes all of the seams on the Boost Drysuit. This is a special waterproof tape which is added to the inside of all the seams in the Boost drysuit. The fully taped seams make the Boost completely waterproof, so you can rest assured that you're clothes will stay warm and dry underneath your suit.

    • Every Seam is fully taped for waterproofing
    • Provides greater durability






    O'Neill Boost Neoprene Neck Seal

    Neoprene Neck

    The Boost features a chafe-free smooth skin neoprene neck seal that is similar to a wetsuit. Most drysuits come with a latex neck seal which can be uncomfortable, and hard to get on and off. We recommend *rolling down the neck seal for a more comfortable fit.

    *See the image for an example.

    • More comfortable than a Latex neck seal
    • Easy Entry and Exit






    O'Neill Boost Back Zipper

    Back Zipper

    The popularity of the Boost drysuit among wakeboarders and kiteboarders is due in part to it's unique back zipper design. By placing the zipper from shoulder to shoulder it stays out of the way and makes the Boost much more mobile than chest zip drysuits.

    The horizontal back zipper is also relatively easy to get on and off. We recommend using *wax on the outside of the zipper and zipping it back and forth a few times to help lubricate the teeth before you put it on for use. It is possible to zip and unzip the drysuit by yourself but we recommend having someone else help you out if possible.

    *Each O'Neill drysuit comes with a wax stick or lubricant.

    • Heavy-Duty Design
    • Easy entry and exit


    O'Neill Boost Adjustable Suspenders

    Built-in Adjustable Suspenders

    Built-in suspenders allow you to quickly and easily adjust the fit and hang of the drysuit. This makes the Boost a great option if you are looking for one drysuit to fit multiple riders.

    • Re-inforced nylon panel mount area
    • Quick click-in and click-out
    • Stretchy suspenders






    O'Neill Boost Wrist Seals

    Extra Thick Latex Wrist Seals

    The wrist seals are made from extra thick latex material. They are extremely durable and they provide a water tight seal. Unique O-Rings around the wrist seals provide another water tight barrier and make the seals more comfortable.

    •  Water Tight Seal
    • Durable






    O'Neill Boost Ankle Seals

    Extra Thick Latex Ankle Seals

    The extra thick ankle seals provide a durable and water tight fit without being uncomfortable. O'Neill's latex ankle seals are almost 2x as thick as some of the other brands wakeboard/waterski specific drysuits. O-Rings provide another level of water proof integrity and increase the comfort of the seals.

    • Water Tight Seal
    • Durable


    Shop the O'Neill Boost Drysuit»
    O'Neill Drysuit Sizing Chart
    Another reason why the O'Neill Boost has quickly become the most popular watersports drysuit is the Limited 1-Year Warranty. If you have any issues with the seals or breathable nylon membrane they will repair or replace your drysuit free of charge.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to talk with one of our experts at (888) 338-6085 or email us at sales@wakemakers.com.

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