Ballast 101: Basics of Adding Ballast to Your Boat

Posted by Jason on Feb, 19 2014

We wanted to develop the definitive guide to adding ballast to your boat to build a better wake. Whether you’re interested in wakeboarding, wakesurfing or both, the information included here will give you all of the knowledge you need to … Continue reading

Eight.3 Sub. Pump 3700GPH

Eight.3 Wakeboard Ballast and Pumps Now Available at WakeMAKERS

Posted by Jake on Jan, 23 2014

WakeMAKERS is excited to introduce Eight.3, a new wakeboard ballast bag and pump brand brought to us by the great people at Square One Distribution (Ronix/Radar). Whether you’re a wakesurfer or wakeboarder, Eight.3 has the speed you need to spend … Continue reading


2002 MasterCraft X30 Ballast Upgrade For Wakesurfing

Posted by Spencer on Nov, 20 2013

We have had a lot of fun behind the early model MasterCraft X30 wakeboard boats. Since 2002 was the first year that MasterCraft added Jabsco Ballast pumps, it is important that you confirm that the system does not have the older aerator pumps. We have run into a fair amount of early model 2002’s with the older system which we do have a solution for as well. Continue reading

Basic Aerator Pump Ballast System Layout

Ballast System Layout Diagram Gallery

Posted by Jason on Oct, 28 2013

This gallery includes all of the individual¬†ballast system diagrams that we’ve ever generated in one convenient location. ¬†This is by no means a complete compilation of every possible layout, but it does cover most of the basics, and with a … Continue reading


Wiring A Reversible Ballast Pump To Malibu’s MUX Switch

Posted by Spencer on Apr, 14 2013

Often customers ask us how they can add a reversible pump to the existing factory MUX switch in a 2007+ Malibu boat. Although we do suggest adding any new ballast to a dedicated 3 way ballast rocker switch it is possible to use what is already on the dash. The work around is possible when a pair of relays are taking the brunt of the load allowing the factory digital switch to stay out of the mix when it comes to load heavy reversible ballast pumps. Each relay will distribute power to the pump as the system will need to reverse the polarity in order to run both forward and in reverse. Continue reading

Weighting A V-Drive Boat for Wakesurfing

Weighting a V-Drive Boat For Wakesurfing

Posted by Spencer on Mar, 28 2013

We answer a lot of questions pertaining to the subject of “how to weight a v-drive boat for wakesurfing”. Instead of diving into the details about filling and draining I am going to keep this simple. The end goal is to surf without the rope. This can be accomplished with a minimal wakesurf ballast bag upgrade. By adding more weight beyond the factory ballast system the surf wake will be bigger faster and the push will be stronger. Friends don’t let friends surf two inches from the swim platform. Continue reading

Weighting a 2013 MasterCraft X-10 for Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding

Posted by Spencer on Mar, 26 2013

2013 MasterCraft X-10 WakeSurf Ballast Upgrade MasterCraft’s Josh Palma, does a phenomenal job explaining how to weight the new 2013 MC X-10 for both wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Obtaining the perfect wake for your riding style is our goal at Wakemakers. … Continue reading

malibu boats wakesurf ballast

Malibu Wakesetter Ballast; A Malibu Launch System History

Posted by Spencer on Mar, 20 2013

Malibu has a reputation throughout the industry for crafting high quality, high performing boats with industry leading innovations, that offer as much value as they do fun. In the late 90’s Malibu engineers developed the Wedge which was a simple foil on the transom of the boat that when engaged would create down force in the stern for a rampy wake with more pop. To even further the sport of wakeboarding Malibu created the most comprehensive ballast system in the industry with the MLS or Malibu Launch System. Continue reading

Install Thru-hull Fittings in a Boat Hull

Posted by Spencer on Mar, 08 2013

Take the worry out of drilling a hole in the bottom of your boat when you watch our “How To Install a Thru-Hull Fitting” video. We outline the entire process from determining the best location to actually drilling through the … Continue reading


2005-2011 Malibu Super Piggy Back Ballast System Parts List

Posted by Spencer on Feb, 20 2013

The original WakeMakers Malibu Piggy Back Upgrade Kit was designed with both price and ease of installation in mind. The system relies on gravity to drain the water from the soft bag into the hard tank below. This process can … Continue reading