Wakeboard/Wakesurf Tower Racks

Tech Tuesday #18: Skylon Wakeboard and Wakesurf Tower Rack Sizing

Posted by Jake on Jul, 01 2014

Wakeboard and Wakesurf tower racks are a great option for boaters that want to keep their gear off the seats and floor of their boat. The benefit to having tower racks is twofold. The first benefit is that tower racks … Continue reading


MasterCraft NXT20 Funny Video

Posted by Spencer on Jun, 06 2014

Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed below are random and come from a thirst for fun and adventure that no office can provide on a Friday afternoon. This shoot looked like a blast. Must be nice to hang out at Lake Ronix … Continue reading

Upgrading Props for Wakesurfing

Should I Upgrade My Factory Prop For Wakesurfing?

Posted by Jake on

“Should I upgrade my Factory Prop for Wakesurfing?”  We hear this question a lot and think it’s something worth discussing more in depth. The short answer is usually YES. The long answer is a bit more technical… Keep reading to … Continue reading


Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Tom Fooshee

Posted by Jake on May, 22 2014

(WakeMAKERS) What’s the funniest mispronunciation of your last name? (Tom Fooshee) This one happens a lot and usually from a telemarketer. They will call and ask for Tom “Sushea”. Almost like a different way to say sushi. It never gets … Continue reading


Mastercraft NXT Video Series | 50K ALL DAY

Posted by Jake on May, 06 2014

    The “official” Mastercraft NXT Launch is here. Watch Travis Pastrana, Parks Bonifay, and the frog take the newest boat from Mastercraft through all sorts of highly scientific performance test at Lake Ronix. If this boat comes equipped with all … Continue reading

Nautique G21, G23, G25 Prop Finder

Nautique G Series Added to the Prop Finder

Posted by Jake on Apr, 29 2014

It’s been almost two years since Nautique unveiled their latest performance driven boat, the G23. Since then, multiple riders have landed 1080’s behind its massive wake and a ton of surf sessions have been enjoyed with the assistance of the … Continue reading

Exile XM9 Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Tech Tuesday #6: Installing Exile Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Posted by Jake on Mar, 11 2014

Welcome to Tech Tuesday! Each week we choose one question from a customer and post the answer on our blog. You can join in on the action by emailing your technical questions to sales@wakemakers.com with the subject: Tech Tuesday, or … Continue reading

Shop for Wakeboard Propellers

Props 101: Basics of Inboard Boat Propellers

Posted by Jake on Mar, 03 2014

Shopping for a new propeller, whether it’s simply to replace a damaged one, or because you’re looking for better performance, can be a confusing process. Diameter, pitch, cup, rotation, bore, it all ends up sounding a bit Greek. Fear not, … Continue reading

Exile Buoy Ball Fender

Exile Buoy Ball Fender | Video

Posted by Jake on Feb, 25 2014

Exile’s Balls from WakeWorld on Vimeo. The Exile Buoy Ball Fender is a multi-talented tool that excels at keeping your boat and your children entertained on and off the water. Dave Williams (WakeWorld) let his kids test out the Exile … Continue reading


Ballast 101: Basics of Adding Ballast to Your Boat

Posted by Jason on Feb, 19 2014

We wanted to develop the definitive guide to adding ballast to your boat to build a better wake. Whether you’re interested in wakeboarding, wakesurfing or both, the information included here will give you all of the knowledge you need to … Continue reading