Flow Rite Quick Connect Fittings

Easily Install 1-1/8″ Fittings into 1″ Ballast Hose

Posted by Jason on Feb, 20 2012

Thanks to a standard that extends back more than 30 years, most marine bilge related products use 1-1/8″ hose connections rather than the more common 1″ inside diameter size. To make matters worse, many fittings are advertised universally as being … Continue reading

SkiersChoice Supra / Moomba Gravity Ballast System History

Posted by Spencer on Feb, 18 2012

SkiersChoice Supra and Moomba Ballast Systems Explained SkiersChoice Ballast System History: In the early 2000’s SkiersChoice offered two automated ballast systems installed at the factory. Dealers were able to order Supra and Moomba boats with the single tank Bertha Ballast … Continue reading


GALLERY: Axis A22 Plug-n-Play Ballast Upgrade

Posted by Spencer on Feb, 08 2012

One of the great selling points of the Axis A-Series wakeboard boats is the factory Plug’n Play ballast upgrade option. We sell a lot of these kits to Axis customers (and even more rear bag upgrades for those customers that … Continue reading


Centurion Typhoon Ballast System

Posted by Jason on Feb, 04 2012

A customer of ours sent in some pictures of the ballast system he installed in his Centurion Typhoon using our components and we wanted to share it with you. This customer wanted a fast, reliable and durable system to fill … Continue reading

FAQ: Do I Need a Vent/Overflow Connection With Reversible Pumps

Posted by Jason on Jan, 31 2012

Many of our customers ask if they can install an automated ballast system without the dedicated vent connection at the top of each bag. Read on for the answer, and for additional pros and cons to setting a system up this way. Continue reading


Weight Your Boat for Wakesurfing

Posted by Kyle on May, 30 2011

Ever wonder if your wakesurfing wake could be better? We’ve put together a post on how to properly weight your boat in order to create the best wake possibly for wakesurfing! Continue reading

What Are Jabsco Ballast Pump Timer Modules?

Posted by Jason on May, 05 2011

We get a lot of questions about the Jabsco Timer Module, especially from Mastercraft owners as they are installed from the factory on 2007 and newer boats. Most commonly we’re asked what does a timer module do, is it necessary, … Continue reading

WakeMAKERS Ballast Hose vs. the Other Stuff

Posted by Kyle on Apr, 17 2011

You might think you can save yourself some cash by getting your PVC hose from stores like Home Depot. But in the end you’re not doing yourself any favors. You’ll actually be spending more and wasting more of your valuable time. Use a product that was made for your application. Continue reading

Check Valves vs. Vented Loops

Posted by Kyle on Apr, 15 2011

Don’t know if you should use a Check Valve or a Vented Loop for your Wakboard Boats ballast system? Or maybe both? Well let us help you figure it out! Continue reading

Centurion TankBuster Factory Ballast System Upgrade

Posted by Kyle on

Want to increase the wake size of your Centurion wakeboard boat? The WakeMAKERS Centurion TankBuster Wakeboard Ballast System is designed to do just that without requiring any additional effort to drain or fill or sacrificing the automated controls on your dash. Continue reading