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2015 Liquid Force Sixer Wakesurf Board

2015 Liquid Force Sixer Wakesurf Board

  • 2015 Liquid Force Sixer Wakesurf Board
  • 2015 Liquid Force Sixer Wakesurf Board
  • 2015 Liquid Force Sixer Wakesurf Board


Coming in hot for 2015, the Sixer requires a strong surf style and comes equipped with six fin options for maximum versatility.


Thinner, lighter, with crisper rails, and refinements in the nose and tail; the 2015 Liquid Force Sixer is a high-performance wakesurf board known for its quickness and versatility.

For 2015, the Sixer has slightly more rocker in the nose and is slightly lower in the tail to maintain speed and glide. The board was then thinned out and widened to give it even more glide. To reduce weight, Liquid Force used an EPS core that is precision milled and hand finished. This construction style eliminates imperfections and features an epoxy shell to ensure that this core is close to flawless and very lightweight.

The LF Sixer features a Double Concave Hull that runs into a deep tail slot to give the board speed, flow, and powerful thrust all the way through the tail. The board also has a wide, blunted shape with deep nose channels to give you some controlling surface when landing or riding backwards. Updated EVA grooved traction pads with arch bars and kickstops improve your grip, board control, and help you stay attached when you get in the air.

Equipped with a unique fin set up, The Sixer wakesurf board is aptly named because it has 6 fin options for maximum versatility to fine tune this board to fit your riding style and maximize its effectiveness behind the boat. To ride the LF Chase Sixer as a twin, use only the large outer fins up front for the loosest ride on this board. Set the board up as a quad with the large fins up front and small fins in the rear. Use the stubbies (smallest fins) if you want minimum drag in the tail and a looser feel. Finally, the Sixer can be ridden as a “Twinzer” with the small stubbie fins in front of the large side fins for a board that will pivot quickly without spinning out. Basically, the Twinzer configuration is going to ride like a twin fin with a lot more hold and drive.

Make no mistake, the Liquid Force Chase Sixer is one of the more aggressive wakesurfs in the Liquid Force line and is designed for experienced riders that surf powerfully from the tail.

Epoxy Fiberglass: Built like a modern ocean surfboard, epoxy fiberglass boards combine the best in performance with a reasonably durable construction. Ligher weight, and a fully wrapped foam core with continuous rail surface make for a boat that rides high in the water and is fast.


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