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2015 Liquid Force Custom Fiver Wakesurf Board

2015 Liquid Force Custom Fiver Wakesurf Board 4'8

  • 2015 Liquid Force Custom Fiver Wakesurf Board 4'8
  • 2015 Liquid Force Custom Fiver Wakesurf Board 5'0
  • 2015 Liquid Force Custom Fiver Wakesurf Board 5'4

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Power thrusts and big air. The Fiver is designed to get you above the lip with ease and make sure you land clean.


Coming in with a few changes for 2015, the Custom Fiver wakesurf board is ready to help you get above the lip and land cleanly. With a Wide Full Diamond-Tail shape and a little more rocker in the nose, the Fiver is designed to get the most snap off the wave to get you up into the air and the EVA grooved traction pads will help you land cleaner.

These new EVA traction pads feature arch bars and kickstops that provide more coverage to improve your grip and board control in the water, or in the air to help you stay attached. The Liquid Force Custom Fiver isn’t just designed to get you into the air; it performs in the water as well. The Double-to-Quad V-Hull makes the Fiver roll from rail to rail with speed and lift for increased quickness and maneuverability. With a precision cut, hand-finished, and glassed EPS Stringered Core, the Fiver is fast, lightweight, and strong. The epoxy fiberglass construction is similar to a surfboard in that it is reasonably durable and lightweight. The continuous rail surface allows the board to ride high in the water and fast. With its versatile fin set-up, it can be configured to a tri-fin or a quad. For tight control, set the board up as a tri-fin, with the larger fins up front and one small fin in the center rear box. Set the board up as a quad for solid drive and thrust with the large fins up front and small fins in the rear. Use the stubbies (smallest fins) if you really want to loosen up the tail and pivot tight but still get a little projection.

The Liquid Force Fiver has everything you need in a high-end wakesurfer and the ability to make adjustments to customize it to your surf style.

Epoxy Fiberglass: Built like a modern ocean surfboard, epoxy fiberglass boards combine the best in performance with a reasonably durable construction. Ligher weight, and a fully wrapped foam core with continuous rail surface make for a boat that rides high in the water and is fast.


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